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To make a searcloath to take
away the paine out of a bone
that hath been broken

Take a pound of new wax unwrought a
Quarter of a pound of stone pitch, a quarter
of a pound of Rosin, 2 spoonfulls Turpentine
half a pound of white Lead: the Quantity of a
wallnutt of Deers sewitt, as much sheep sewit
finely chopt fry all these together with a pint
of oyle of Olives on a soft fire untill itt bee
somewhat thick stir itt well for burneing;
then take itt from the fyre & dipp your cloth
in itt Mr Brest

Make an Oyntment of English honey,
burnt Allome, Bolearmoniack; the Juice
of red sage juice of Rew boyle all these
to an oyntment and herewith rub the Canker
till itt bleed. 7dowder what is fitting K:Hone

In case a purge or vomitt
work extreamly to stay itt
giue this potion following

Take Diascordium one Dramm Diacodium
3 dramms an ounce & half of Borrage
water mingle itt make a potion & sett the partie
drink itt att bed time goeing to sleep
Gam: Pittsu

Fistula Drink
Boyle in 3 pints of Clarrett, Madder;
saracens consound, Rue, sage; & wood
bettony, of oach 2 handfulls to the wasteing
of a pinte, then streine and add to the
streined liquor half a pinte of pure honey
reboyleing itt a little & scum itt & drink
itt off at 8 morneings

A neck plaister to
dran Rhewm from
the eyes of & head

R sum Dragance half an ounce, mastick
and olibanum of oach 3 Drams, mirtleseeds &
fleawort seeds, pomegranetts of flowers of each ʒ1
Burgandy pitch a li. straind Caranna an Ounce

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Caroline Butten

Bolearmoniack = bol. armen., bolus -i Armeniae = Armenian bole, bole armoniac; an argillaceous earth

Caroline Butten

Madder = Rubia tinctorum, the rose madder or common madder or dyer's madder, is a herbaceous perennial plant species belonging to the family Rubiaceae

Caroline Butten

Dragance = dragonwort, tragacanth, also Artemisia dracunculus, also known as tarragon, an edible aromatic herb in the daisy family, Asteraceae.

Caroline Butten

Olibanum = Frankincense

Caroline Butten

Caranna = a hard, brittle, resinous gum, obtained from the West Indian tree Bursera acuminata and the South American trees Protium carana, P. altissimum, and Pachylobus hexandrus. It has an aromatic flavor, and was used in pre-modern medicine