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And half, Elemni 3 drams Ven: Turpentine
half an ounce, powder the Gumms, seeds & flowers
severally, then dissolve the Elemnis, with the Caranna
and Burgandy pitch, last of all putt in Ven: Turp:
entire and incorporate all to a plaister.
Probat: T:H:

Brest curdled with
Milk to help

First bath itt well with Milk oyle of Camomile
and of Lillies mixt together then apply this
following plaister Take honey half an ounce
Ox gall 2 dramms storax calamitoe one dramm
and halfe; Oyles of Camomile & Roses of each
a dramm; mixe all these together to a plaister
and apply itt to the Brest, cutting a hole for
the Nipple

An excellent astringent

Take one quart of red wine, 2 ounces of
Cinamon one ounce & halfe of gallingall,
half a pound of double refined sugar, boile
itt from a Quart to a pinte & a Quarter; drink
thereof warme morneing & Evening. Mrs Wooly

For a paine in the Back proceeding
from wind or cold

Ri penny royall, rue, Camomile, lavender, drye
them betwixt 2 tyles and apply them hott to the
place affected
Dr Hone

A pill of very good

Mixe the powder of carduus benedictus with
honey or Syrrup of Mints, or stoechas, or what else
you please forme itt into pills, whereof 3 taken
in a morneing for somewhate together availe
mightily against all giddiness in the head, deafness
and any decayeing of the sence; they warme cleanse
and strengthen the stomack, resist pestilentiall ayre
expell infection being received provided they be
sweal after and keep the body in a good & health
full estate. T:H:

To strengthen the blead to one that
may not take any openers

Rl Olibani, masticis ana; Take olibanum &
mastick of each 2 scruples, the Amber ℥ij nutmeges
mace & Cinamon of each 2 scruples; the powders
called Electuarium 3 gemmis, & Diambra of
each a dramm and a half, Amber greece 2 graines
mix all these with syrrope of clove gilly flowers
to an Electuary, or else with sugar disolved in
bettonye water.

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Caroline Butten

storax calamitoe = styrac. calamit., styrax -acis calamita = storax, gum-resin from Styrax officinalis

Caroline Butten

stoechas = stoechad., stoechas -adis = French lavender, Lavandula stoechas

Caroline Butten

elect., electuarium -i = electuary; a "medicinal conserve or paste, consisting of a powder or other ingredient mixed with honey, preserve, or syrup of some kind" (OED)