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early bruised and lett them stand 24 hours, then
take half a pint of red poppy water of those that
grow in the fields, and putt in the Aquavitae those
take a pound & half of raisin of the [summer] stand
and put them into Aquavitae; then take half a pound
of dates & stone & shard them and add them to the
[], then take of [Annisfoods]; rubb them & blow
out of the dust; then take 3 inches? of Liquorish and snap itt
& shard itt and putt itt into the Aquaviate and
after all those have bin stooped 4 days pick thrown
a good handful of poppy leaves & as many of cloud
Gilly flowers with one grain of [Ambergris]
six grames of Mustk and lett them stand 9 days
stirring itt onto a Day then strain itt through
a jolly bagg & keep itt

An excellent plaister
to provont Miscarriage
Take Emplastrum, Contra rupturam 6 [ounse] of
the Emplastrum called Cora[lum] Sontatium,
and the Ointment [Salled] Unguontum Commitista of

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