Wellcome Collection: Ayscough, Lady (MS1026)

Receits of phisick and chirurgery. There are a few cookery receipts at the end. Inside the cover is written 'The Lady Ayscough Booke Anno Domini 1692'. The first 93 pp. and the 7 pp. of cookery receipts are by the original hand, the remainder is in another nearly contemporary script.





Lucatella Balsome

Take A pint of Oleas Solatis 2 ^ drams Ounce ^ of of venice turpintine, wash it in Rosewater till it be white, and dry till the water be off 3 drams of white wax. Incorporate all togather 1 dram of red sanders the best in powder, set them over A gentle fire, stir them with A wooden stick, boyl them as long as you would boyl an Egg; Strain them through A Cloath, let itt be noe harder than butter

Emplaster magistralis

Take 1/2 A pint Of Sallit Oyl 1 dram of venus Ceres, 1 dram of Litharge of Gold 1 Ounce of Litharge of Silver 2 drams of white wax venus ceres, Litharge of gold & silver beat into fine powder searce through Diffine put the oyl & Litharge of gold & Silver togathar & boil them to an height put in your Ceres last of all with A gentle fire. & when it comes to A purple colour take A little upon A knife point & drop itt into A Skeel of cold water & if you feel itt potable like wax Sink downe to the bottome. keep then allway's stirring with A wooden Stick. Precipitate & burnt Allom, to eat bad flesh.

For the Stone

Take white wine posset drink & boil parsle & polipodium of the wall, take it up & put the Joice of A lemmon & parmacity as much as will cover A Shilling & 2 spoonfull of ^ the oyl of Allmones & put thereto nutmeg & sugar & soe drink it.

For A sore throat & mouth

Take quince Cores & ke^rnells & boilthem in rose water & Sugar To A gelly & soe let it disolve in the mouth.


A Diet Drink for the Scurvy

Brew wine or 10 Gallons of drink with 1/2 A Bushell of malt, boiling in the wort. 4 handfulls of water cresses as much Agrimony 1/2 as much Roman of ffrench worme wood & after it is well boyled and worked in the ffat, that it is riddy to tunn then put into it the Joyce of half A Bushell of Lochlearia or Scorvy Grass being pounded or Strain'd hard & soe tunn it up to keep to drink after A fortnight, in the morneing and after before ^ Supper, and any other time att pleasure.

you may some times hang in the vessell an Ounce of sasafras if the tast offend not which is not very offensive.

To make Gilly

Take the Shaveings of harts horne newly rasped one Ounce or the weight of 8s in silver fair water A pint & white wine or Renish wine put this into A pipkin and set it over embers without boiling 12 hours then increase the fire that it may boil gently and continually vntill 1/2 the liquer be consumed. Then put into that 2 spoonfull of Coriander seed prepar'd A Stick of Cinnamon the weight of 12d and Manus Christi made with pearle one Ounce & then let all boil very gently & continually vntill some of the Liquor being cold in A spoon will become A thine Gilly which then may be power'd or strained through A dry Straner into Gally pot or Glass and soe kept

Of this Gilly you may take 2 or 3 small spoonfull either of it selfe or dissolved in a draught of thine warme broth or clear possitt drink, also you may take A good spoonfull of that warme or cold 1/2 an hour before dinner & supper or last att night before sleep 3 or 4 dayes in A weak Together.


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8 An ointment for green wounds

Adder longur stamps and boil with oil of Olives will the Leaves seen dry & the Joice be confirm'd then [Shroxiw] it This is A good Cyntirrent for green wounds.

For A Consumption in the back

Take soots of comfosie knot grafs, & Easy sach & hand = full stampf & flsain'd which Lefuast of misfkadine if yolk of 3 Eggs or with the powder -- of nutmeg drunk As It and Laft and for the consumption of the back & many infismities belonging their to.

For the wormes

Take Savin Leaves & boil in the Oyl of Olives & soe keep it and anoint the belly their with or boil it in milk or mufkkadine & drink it.

To make Perfumes

Take the buds of Damafks Rofes clip the whites of ym in A shady place, when they are halg dry weigh ym & lake twices the weight of them of Benjam in -- pouder finely seasft the beat your rofe leaves as for Conferve then put in your powder, and beat them log athor & put in Amber grease & musk, & Civitr but most sivitt then take Gum dragon soat itt in rose water put in soe much it will make them hold together make y.m in little c'akes & dry them between two papers.

Pills for the windy Collick

Take clssoes A 1/4 of an ounce maslick 1/2 of an ounce of mirrah dram thefe finely beaten then mix them with as much firrup of Roses & violetts and will make it A paft then melt it & when itt is cohs rofe itt up in to pills. with the powder. of Lickeraf and take 2 att inght when you goe to bed.

The Wound Drink. 9

Gather these herbs following in Aprill & may dry them in Asoom from the Air and lusmthem once A day till they be throw dry then put them in Bags and keep them all the year you must hand of every herb Ahikw Quartily.

SothEn wood Clnkfoil Oak bud's
[mor]me = wood Ribwort bramble buds
Bugs = lafs white bottles wild = Angilece
Mug = wort Dasie root's & leaves Mint = seabi[lef]
wood bitteny Honey sukels strawberr'ys
Sannachle Avens violet leaves
Plantane Hay thorne = buds Cumfoire
Dandelyan Egrr monie
Take of leaves hearbs dried together 3 handfulls goat. them into Aquast of white wine and apottle of [il]ear spring water boil them together till half be confuind then shain the Liquor from the hearbs then put to it A pint of bost honey and set it to the fisce again & boil it & [clum] it then take it up and let it stand till it be col &; soe put it into Bottles shofs ftoppt, let them drink 6. Spoonfull, in the morneing and fast 2 hours.s after it if the wound or sore be great let them drink as much in the after = noon at 4 of the clock if there be angry and proud flesh on the sore you must say something lo pat it away you must not tont the sore but only search it, for if tent for the drink will drive it out. This drink will ease old and new sores soar broafts, put in fied bones, a[cger] in the stomac'h impostumes fistefowerp, & will stop bleeding only apply upon the upon the sores this sears cloa with following made with Aquart of Sallit Oyle ch[round] of rod load and Ageed peices of yellow wax

For A Consumption

Take pumpes will wates & boyl it lo A firrup ev ih suggar Candy; of this take 6 spoonfull in the morning And att 4 Aclock in the afternoon and goeing to bed. 6

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For spiting of Blood, or pissing of Blood or any other Issue.

The leaves of parselay, of peart mouse=ear of each one Ounce when they be dry, bay berry, Turmarick Cloves the seeds of great [...] the seed of hopp's fennagreek of each one Ounce the stone in the Ox gall, these made in to powder, & 1/2 A dram taken in drink att all times is Approved for desease's afforesaid

To cause one to vomit fle^agm & gross hummors

Bettony root dryed & A dram taken in powder in Wine will cause one to vomit phle^agm & gross hummor, the like vertue hath primrose Leaves

To cure the pin or web in the Eye & to clear the Sight

Whorehound stamp & the Joyce dryed in the Sunn & mixt with honey & wine & drop into the Eyes cureth the pin & webb & cleareth the Sight

For A sore Brest.

Take white Lead, & fresh butter, of each a like Quantity & beat the lead fine, & mingle it to gather, & spread it upon the Sun Side of Ivy leafe & soe leave it

For A pearle or Apin or webb in the Eye

Take A new Laid Eggs & boil them hard & take the white & beat them then strain the water from them & put A little Cummin seed & Saffron in A Cloath and let it lye in soe drop it in the Eyes

For A consumption

Take A quart of red cow milk & put therein xx snales & A handfull of clary & A sop of mint & A little rosemary & destill all these togather & drink 4 spoonfull att A with suggar before meal.


A Pulltis to break A hard swelling

Take grounds of Ale and Rye bread and Linseeds well beaten & red Rose leaves and boil these togather and soe spread it upon browne paper & apply it hott.


Take mallow's & rew & sage & camamile & Pellitor & commin seed & boil all these togather & put them in A bladder & apply It to the side

A water for the Stone

Take red Cows milk & put saxafrige & pellitor of the Wall & Parsalie & mother of time & horse Raddish and distill all these & drink 6 spoonfull of this in 6 spoonfull of white wine with Nutmeg and Sugar and fast after it one hour.

For Griping in the Gutts

Rew, and Dill, & fenill=seed boil'd in A good quantity of wine & sugar is good for A gripeing in the belly & stomack & pain in the brest & stoping of the Loungs & for those that are inclineing to A Dropsy

For the Scurvy

Take milk set it on the fire and turne it with vinegar then take of the Curd and put theirto the Joyce of ScurvyGrass & boil itt well & drink of it morneing, noon, and Night & forbear Salt meats.

To purge the Head

A spoonfull of honey 2 of mustard one of vinegar one of Aqua=vitae and stir them togather & [...] in your mouth


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The Oyle of Charity

Take wormewood, red Sage, rosemary, Camamile, Lavander, of each A like Quantity chop them small infuse them in the Oyle Olives one month & stir them once in 2 dayes Strain them and put fresh herbs with the the herb cut grass boyl it with sof fire soe as the Oyl may but warme, Strain it again and let it cool & then put cut cut grass (which some call Charity) & boyl it and let it cool & the 3 day boyl it and that will take the moisture out of the hearbs & it will be very clear and of A perfect green, the hearbs must be gather'd on the 9 of may the hearb Cut=grass is put in to give the colour.

The vse is this drink 2 or 3 drops in possit Ale is good for an inward Bruse or A strain, or Ache or an green wound it will kill dead or proud flesh.

For A cough

Take Hysop A handfull and boyl itt quart of spring water, with Annaseeds and liqirish till it come to A pint then strain & put into it 2 pennyworth & pennyworth of browne sugar, & as much white sugar, & boil it to A sirrip and take A spoonfull at A time.

For A Consumption

Take sugar Asearce it & Annaseeds & liqurish & Searce them, the like Quantity, Amber, pearle & Corrall & leafe gold then take red rose water, and put the white of an Egg to it & beat them togather. & Take the froth which come of this and put to your Sugar & beat all togather till it will role & role itt in Leafe gold & take of itt as offten as you Cough.


To make Oyle of Swallow of the best

Take lavender, cotten & bay leafes of each 2 handfull Rosemary top, strawberry strings mellet, dill, & Camamile wall=wort of each one handfull red Sage 2 handfull rew 2 handfull beat these in Mortar with 16 or 20 yough Swallows alive with their feathers beat these all togather till they be small, then put 3 pound of new butter without salt beat them 2 hours, & put it in A glass and cover it close let it stand 6 or 7 dayes, then setthe Glass in A Kettle of water and let it boyl 2 hours at the least then Strain it A put it in A pot.

{probatum eft}

For a White Scald Take A Quantity of hogs=grease a Little soot of the Ovens mouth mingle them togather & therewith anoint the head a fortnight, then take A handfull of rosemary flowers a little Roch allom A quart of runing water boyl these together till come to an Oyle & annoynt the head with it.

To Stay spiting of Blood Take 5 spoonfull of the Joice of nettalls and put to it the weight of 3 pence of boll=armonick & as much ^ sugar as will make it pleasant let the Patiend drink every morneing first, & 4 hours after dinner by the Space of 5 days when he goeth to sleep giue him A Scruple of philorius Rom: mixt with A little conserve of roses.

For A Scald head

Take A quantity of copperas & A quantity of Marrow hogs greas & boyl them together stirring them very well beat the Copperas fine before you boyl it & soe anoint the place but pluck the hare first off.


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To make the Green Oyntment

Take red Sage & rew of each A 1/4 of A pound bay leaves & wormewood of each half A pound bray these in A mortar then take 3 pound Sheep suit hot from the Sheep, beat it with the hearbs very well then put it into A Bottle with A pottle of the Oyl of Ollives work it togather then stop it close for 9 dayes, then boil it in A pan on A soft fire, when it is 1/2 Sodden put 3 Ounces of the Oyl of Spike & boil it well, then strain it & cover it close.

The effects of this Oyntment

Anoint the Stomack digestion & obstructions rub the back it is good for the Stone or pain in the ears any bruse or strain, or burneing of Scalding it is maid in May & being close kept it lasteth many years.

For the canker

Take brier leaves & wallnutts leafes and woodbine leafes & Lime Hysop and sage Cinkfoil of each and handfull boil in 2 gallon of Smithford water will the half be consumes then strain and put in 2 penny worth of allome granes well beaten and ggiue itt A boyl togather and put it in A close pot.

A Powder for the Green Sickness

Take half an Ounce of Stell powder & Ellicampane & Mace and Cloves of each 1/2 an Ounce mingles with 1/2 A pound of sugar and soe take A spoonfull in the morneing at A time and an hour after drink thin broth with markary boil'd in it & walk an hour after it

To stay the tearm's

Plannting leafes stampt and Straned with the yolk of Eggs & mace in A Tansie is good to stay the tearms


For A Cough

Take A pint of white wine Vinegar as much of the Sirrup of green Gingar & pint of honney put these togather with A handfull of Rosemary and Sage boyl them to A syrrip. The honey and vinegar must boyl before the Other come in; then put in 6 races of Gingar, it must boyl 1/2 an hour & take if evening & Morneing.

For The Plague

Take Sack two pints & boyl in it A handfull of Sage as much of Rew till one pint be wasted then Strain it an set it one the fire, again put to it A pennyworth of long pepper 1/2 an Ounce of Gingar & A 1/4 of an Ounce of nutmegs beaten togather & let it boil A little then put in 4 penny worth Mithredate one penny worth of treakle 1/4 of a pint of Aqua vitae keep this safe, take of it warme morneing & evening if you be allready diseased if not once A day sufficent in the Plague time trust this for A certain that never man, woman, or Child was ever deceaved by this Drink, this if good for the Sweeting Sickness & Small Pox and diver other diseaseds;

{probatum est}

Drink to cure the Dropsie or A consumption or any weakness in the body

Take A pint of wormewood water A pint of spearmint A 1/4 of A pound of sugar 6 ^ 3 of Cinnamond Sliced put it in A glass Bottle let it Stand 9 dayes and every dayshake it the 9 day put to it A quart of Muskadine and soe drink morneing and evening a 1/4 of A pint but Stir it not after the muskadine be in.

For red and watering Eyes

Marygolds the leaves ^ and flowers distill'd and the water drop into ^ the Eyes


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