Wellcome Collection: Ayscough, Lady (MS1026)

Receits of phisick and chirurgery. There are a few cookery receipts at the end. Inside the cover is written 'The Lady Ayscough Booke Anno Domini 1692'. The first 93 pp. and the 7 pp. of cookery receipts are by the original hand, the remainder is in another nearly contemporary script.





For the runing of th Reins

Turpatine the Quantity of 3 beans well washed and put as many the yolk of an Egg and beat them well, adding theirto A small draught of possit drink made of white wine & take it in A morneing fasting it help the runing of the rains commonly the first time, but never faileth the second.

For A Burning Feaver

The [spane] of frogs or Toads distill'd the water put into possit drink is good for a burneing feaver the water, allso is good for A scald or burne A peice of new Lokram depth in the [spane] & dryed and soe keep all the year will stay bleeding

An excellent salve for A burne.

Take bees wax, Deer suit, and may butter of each a little quantity put these togather and melt them take nigh the Quantity of Sallit Oyl then mingle them & put it out into A bason with A poringer & A 1/2 of Snow water & beat it togather 2 or 3 hours till it lookes white, it is good for any inflamed sore or blasting or venome it is to be vsed cold spred upon A fine cloath & shifted twice A day.

For A cut or Green Sore

May butter and tops of Rosemary and tops of Hysop beaten and boil'd to A salfe, & strained is good for any cut or Green wound.

For the ffellon

Rosin a the yolk of an Egg melted togather is good for fellon. or this A yolk of an Egg and bay salt


An excellent plaster for the Gout or to draw hummors out of the head or any place of the body

Take 2 ℔ of pitch 2 pound of rosin as much frankinsence A pound of Sheeps tallow one ounce of Saffron 2 ℥ of cloves, as much mace 1/2 A pound of Cummin beat all to powder with 4 ℥ of lapidanum it must be boyl'd one hour, wi>th A temperate fire the rosin & pitch & tallow must be melt'd before the other come in & when it is boyl'd spread it upon tared sheep as you need it cut it out.

For the Stone

Boil liquerash march mallows roots in clear possit ale with a few sweet fenell seed make it sweat with the spirit of althea [toyn] likeing soe drink of it at your pleasure.

For A Consumption

Take A brest of younk Mutton & boil itt in A gallon of new milk untill the flesh fall from the bones then drink the said milk as often as you please.

For lameness, Plasies, cramps, & shrinking of Sinew's

A plaister made with the Gum Euphorbium and 12 times soe much wax Oyle and allitle wax is singular against all aches of the joints & the diseases afforesai.

Against the bloody flux & all other Issues of Blood.

The Blossom's of pomgranates with the rind made in to powder & boyled in red wine and Drunk is good against the diseases Afforesaid.


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A Poultace for A Sore Brest

Take A quart of strongest wort one handfull of spearMint one handfull of Ale Hoofe with 2 handfull red rose leafes & cut of the tops of the Roses then Shred hearbs and Roses togather very small and put them in the wort & boyl them theirin till it come to be as thick as any poultyce then take A Cloath and spread it one A good thickness & dress the brest evening and morneing theirwith & when it hath broken the brest dress it for 3 days after theirwith & then use what other Salves you think fitt.

Water for the Stone

Take saxifrage, Pellitory of the wall, of each 4 handfulls of red rose wild time horse raddish roots of each 6 handfulls two handfulls of parseley Philipendula roots or leaves one handfull 3 ℥ ounces of Sassafrasse roots shred them grossly & put them into A gallon of new milk of blood red cow and let them infuse 24 hours and then distill them in A common Still & their will come 3 quartss or their about of water. Take hereof 3 or 4 spoonfull or as of many more if you can with the like Quantity of RennishWine or quick white wine put in thereto some 3 Spoonfulls of the juice of Lemmons & Little Sugar then cut 1/2 A nutmeg in thin Slices or as much Gingar Laying it on your tongue wash it downe in to your Stomack & the Other mixture use this fasting twice if you be in pain otherwise if itt be for prevention use it about the new and full of the Moon 3 dayes fasting togather fasting; let the water be A month old before you drink it, it must be still'd in May; if you put 2 drops of the Oyle of Juniper into your draught & sweeten it with Sirrip of march mallow roots it is the better.

19 To Make the Spirit of clary

Gather the clary in the midest of may when it is blossomed or reddy to blossome, be sure it be upon A dry day when you have pickt it from the stalkes put it into A glass still, filling it 3 quarters full, press it downe with your hand, then lute the head close to body with double white paper and Starch which is the best then put the Still into Balneum Maria Setting it upon A little low leaden trivitt mad^e fitt to hold the glass fast from riseing in the water then make the water boyl untill the Spirit rise.

To Bring Throwes

Take as much amber as will lye upon A 6 pence and put into 3 spoonfulls of bitches milk & giue if to the party: this never failes.

To Bring Throwes

Take as much Christiall as will lye on A groat and put into it A spoon of spring=water & guie to the party.

For the wormes for A child

Take Sena one 3 Garlick, & Rubarb of each 1/2 A ℈ worme=seed one ℈ Savin & Centery of each one top let these infuse in 1/2 A pint of water all night then let it boyl gently togather untill itt be consumed to 3 quarters of an ℥ then strain Strain it, & mingle with it Sirrup of of Roses ʒ3 and vse it


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A present & approv'd remedy for the Stone

Take 2 handfulls of saxifrage 2 handfulls of the Mother of time 2 handfulls of piercestone otheriwse call'd prosper two handfulls of Philipendula & as much of Pellitory of the wall 2 ℥ of fennel seed & Slice 9 or 10 Reddish roots to them put all these into A gallon of new milk of A cow wholly red & let all these Steeping in it 3 or 4 hours togather then destill itt to A pottle in A cold still near about mid summer. afterwards Slice some good quantity of Sassafrasse & put it into A pottle and Stop it close. you may drink att any time when you feel pain about 3 spoonfulls soe that you doe not eat nor drink within an hour after.

For the Stone in the Reins

Take an handfull of piercestone and handfull of white Saxifrage roots, 2 handfulls of Eringo roots A handfull of the Kernells of Ashen=keys, & 1/2 an handfull of green persaley boyl them in ^ 3 gallons & an 1/2 of wort the space of an hour with A slow fire then let it coole & when it is cooll enough put yest to it and let it work like other ordinary Ale; then strain it from the Herbs & put itt into a vessell of it for it & stop it close & in 3 or 4 day's you may drink of itt every morneing a good draught or oftnorner as occasion is offered.


A Receit for A woman apt to miscarry

Take cumphry rootes and leafes flowers of white archangell sheeperds pouch plantain knott grass nip let them be distilled with milk take clary leafes & flowers distill them in A glass Limbeck putt fresh hearbs unto them and distill them 5 or 6 times over take 20 berrys Cocheneile take 4 treads and the yolk of a new laid Egg eat it up & drink the Cocheneile, with A draught of these 2 waters mingled togather.

For the Pleurisy

Take the dung of an horse or Gelding that standeth att hard meat put A good quantity of that new made & hot into bear or Ale bruse the dung well theirin then Strain that through A lining cloath and take as much of it as will make A good draught & put to it the Quantity of A nutmeg in Treacle, stir it well into the Treacle be disolved in it; then warme it and drink it in the Morneing fasting & also at night when you goe to bed, soe it be 2 houres after your meat let your medicine be made every day if not you may make as much at once as will serve 2 day's, soe you may make itt strong enough & put treacle to it as afforesaid but keep it in A close vessell. Also for A stick which cometh allwayes with A pleurisy you must take horse Dung & fry it with fresh butter & if your stich be on your right Side under your small ribbs lay this Medicine on the side of the back directly against it soe it be not laid derectly against the heart for the Medicine will remove the stich to the place where it is laid therefore the medicine must not be laid near the heart for drawing of it to that place. This hath been often proved to doe great good both for the pleurisy & also for any inward cold that is taken when A number of other medicines wound not bre break it; this hath helpen it.

This hath been given to A young child when the red Gumm hath been Struck in & the child like to dye & the Child hath recovered.


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22 Medicine against the Plague Take 3 pints of malmesay & a handfull of red sage one handfull of rue Mittle werme shred them & put them into the malmesey & set them on the fire & let them boyle untill one pint be boyl'd away then strain it and Take long pepper, Ginger, Nutmege, of all one ounce beaten to fine powder & put itt into the malmesey & let it boyl A pritty while & then take it of and put into it an an Ounce of the best Methridate an ounce of venice Treakle, or 2 ounce ounces of the best other Treackle and when it is cold put into A 1/4 of A pint of the best Aqua=vitae and half A quart. of A pint of Angelico water; drink of itt luke warme & take of it ever morneing A spoonfull of 2 in the morneing fasting, Thrice or oftner in A week if you please but if the party be sick take 4 spoonfulls att any Time in the day and cast the party into A sweet & let him drink & let him drink but hott possit drink boyled with sage & in any case take heed of takeing cold And if A sore Arise be not hasty to draw it To an head but let it Arise of it selfe & when itt is come to and head take some sorrill leaves and bake them between Two Tiles and square 2 or 3 figgs amongst them and apply it To ye sore or else take white Lilly roots. Probatum est An excellent medicine against ye winde W:hich proceeds from the Mother which many times causeth great pains both in the Liver & the Spleen Take A great fell Onion commonly call'd Saintt Thomas Onion & cut of the top as you doe of an Apple & take out some of the Onion being sure the bottome be not medled with and then. haue some rue very small shred & some honney & some gross pepper mix all Together & fill up the hollow of the Onion with it then put on the. Top again & wrap it up in A wett paper and set it upon the Embers roasting itt like A ward in Sokingly & when it is soe done take it out of the paper & putt of the top then mix yt yw. put in & the Onion Together saveing the bottome still whole Then as hott as you can endure itt lay the soft side upon the navill & the curst upwards laying A warme Cloath upon it, To keep in the warmness as long as you can if you find any ease by itt, it were good to haue another riddy To lay on when the other is cold; that if you Lay one on when you goe to bed in the morneing you may apply another. For A Consumption Take 2 sheeps hearts hot from the sheep pare of the fatt & the deafe ear'[..] and slitt them. of one side and shake out the blood then put them. in A clean pipkin & cover them. all over with red rose water. all night, then weigh To either heart 2 ounces of fine Sugar, beat the sugar very fine and Thraw it upon the hearts then Stick 3 cloves in each heart then. Take A clean pipkin & put theirin soe many rosemary Sticks leafes scrap'd very clean as will lay cross in the midst of of the pipkin then. lay the hearts upon the rosemary Sticks that. the. Goice of the hearts may distill downe then cover it over. with. past close & bake it with. w.t bread, Take every morneing warm'd for A child one spoonfull for an old body 2 spoonfulls.

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A Medecine for the Stone

Take one handfull of pellitory of the wall one M of Saxifrage one handfull of parseley one M of mother of time & 2 or 3 radish roots shred them verry small, & lay them in A gallon of milk one night & destill them the next day.

For A Cough

Take 3 pints of running water 4 rasons stoned 6 Figgs 6 dates shred them all 1/2 an M of coltsfoot as much scabious as much apothecaries Maiden hair Redwood blossomes pickt & quarter of an handfull or better A Liquiries Stick Sliced as much Eleacampane roots as A Walnut Sliced if it be dry'd less will Seve 1/2 A Spoonfull of Anniseeds. boil it Softly & cover till half ^ or more be consumed & Strain it into A Gallipot or pipkin. & then put one ℥ of browne Sugar candy to it. drink A quarter of A pint of it warme twice in the Morneing fasting & 4 A clock in the afternoon till the whole quantity be spent

If you want of those herbs you may vse penniriall or Agrimony in the place.

I Dry of these herbs in Summer to vse all winter and Role them close in papers they will keep the better

A Cordiall to bring away after birth

Take the Rootts of the blew flower de luce & boil them in Ale make it strong of the Roots & giue the woman to Drinke every 6 or 12 hours as you See occasion She must drink it 2 or 3 times.


To make a Drink for the Biteing of A mad Dog

Take sage leafes and herb of grass of each A good handfull, 2 or 3 heads of garlick 4 pennyworth of the best Treacle you can gitt, A good quantity of time brayed small boil all these togather in Strong Ale (if it be for A dog.) but if it be for a man boil Muskadine in A pipkin close stopt with corse past which must not boil over the fire but in A kettle of water for the more strength; and giue it th party 3 or 4 dayes before every change and full of the Moon for dayes before every change & full of the Moon for A month this is good for man or beast.

Let them Drink morneing & Evening A pretty Quantity of this.

A Broth & Syrrop for A consumption

Take China rootts clean scrapt & Sliced the weight of an Ounce, and infuse it in hott Embers by A gentle fire all night in an Earthen vessell close stopt in 6 of 7 pints of water & then boil it untill their be but A pottle left & with this Liquer make broth of A cock or pullit the Skin fat taken of, & put theirin of Scabious folefoot Maiden hare Scurvy grass Agrimony & harts tongue of each on M of time and Rosemary, of either A little of Balme 1/2 handfull one whole mace or 2. the bottome of cheat loafe or 3 Spoonfulls of french Barley & A few whole rasons & A little Salt.

Take of this Broth twice in the Day A good draught Take Maiden hare Hartstongue Hysop penniriall Scabious pimpernall folefoot Agrimony Balme of either one handfull one Apple John or Pippin Sliced A parsaley & a fennell root of either one ℥ of Orage root 1/2 an ℥ of Annaseeds & fennelseeds of either


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