Wellcome Collection: Ayscough, Lady (MS1026)

Receits of phisick and chirurgery. There are a few cookery receipts at the end. Inside the cover is written 'The Lady Ayscough Booke Anno Domini 1692'. The first 93 pp. and the 7 pp. of cookery receipts are by the original hand, the remainder is in another nearly contemporary script.





The weight of 12d in Silver of carua seeds the weight of 3 of rasons of the Sun 20 of Iniubes 14 Liquaras Scraped 1/2 an ℥, of horehound 1/2 an handfull of Elecampane Root's Sliced the weight of 2d in Silver boyl all these in water & the eight part of good wine Vinegar of both all most Apottle & boul them on A gentle fire vntill their remain but A quart to which being Strain'd put one ℥ of fine honet and of Sugar 3 ℥ boil it again untill it be like A thin Sirrup take of this often in the Day.

A Cordiall for A woman apt to miscarry

Take of clary & plantine of each an handfull of rosemary flowers Bettony flowers, of each 2 pugills boil them in A quart of Ale vnto A pint & then Strain it. Take 1/2 A pint of the pith of an Ox back washed clean from the blood & 1/2 A pint of the Kirnells of Hassell nutts beat them togather in A Stone mortar with A little Muscadine ^ & let it stand on A few Embers untill the Nutts be beaten in peices then put into the same A pint of Muscadine 6 hours the Strain it and mingle it & put into itt A little Cinamon powdered & 3 ℥ of white sugar Candy powdered and take A draught every morneing & att 4 A'clock in the afternoon for 9 dayes.

A Pultis for Stt Anthony's Fire

Take Malloes Marigold flowers red Sage elder leaves of each Alike Quantity boil them tender in fair water, then thicken it with barley meal & when it is thick enough putt in A good peice of hoggs Grease and apply itt renewing itt morneing & night.

Probatum est.


For A Burstting either in young or old

Take Knotwort, comfray & Ribwort, of each Alike Quantity, wash them & dry them in an Oven after the bread is newly drawn & being well dry'd beat them to powder then Serce them in A searcer & what quantity you take of the herbs when they are dryed take 1/2 soe much Annaseeds & beat them with the powder of the of said herbs, Searsing them togather when you would vse it take soe much of this powder as you can lay upon 6 pence & drink it fasting in A little malmesey 10 morneings togather annointing the griefe first with A little oyle of spike mingl'd with some sweet butter unwasht Then take of the hearbs as afforesaid (being first sodden in fair runing water till they be tender) and wring the water clean out & soe apply them to the greaved place as hott as may bee suffer'd & tye them to with A trusse, but lett not the trusse be to streight for that will make it rend further these herbs must be gather'd in May for then the are in their chief strength This hath been approved upon children soe borne and upon aged people that hath been 14 years broken The Knot wort groweth in the feilds & hath a little watchett flower & two little things growing togather of the biggness of A pins head, out of the Joints their of. the patient must lye one hour vpright on his back, after the drinking of the said powder and after the trussing.

Approved to be Soveraigne by Mr Withins


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28 To make the Comon Oyle of Stt. John's=wort calle'd Oleum Hyperiei Take of new & sweet sallit oyle one quart & put theirto into afair glass as many of ythe yellow flowers of St John worte (all ythe green taken away) as will fill up of wine pint infused then stir ythem together with your knife & set your glass with ythe oyle & flowers in ythe sun in ythe hottest place you can find for ythe space of 15 days & once a day let [one] Stir or shake ythe glass well and when it hath it hath been [soe sunned] strain ythe said oyle and crush ythe flowers very hard ythat all ythe strength may be in ythe oyle ythen take another pint of flowers & doo as before for other 15 days & when they are expired take one another pint of flowers ythe third time & let ythem be served as before ythe space of 40th days ythen strain ythem as before & let ythee Oyle Soo strained stand untill all ythe grass & [disidence] be ffallen to ythe bottome and ythat which is above be cleared, & of A clarret colour ythen put ythe clearest out so serve for your use.

A Receit of Capt[ain] Greens if it be hummor coldhumor Take 8 ℥ of red lead & 4 ℥ of white lead & 5 ℥ of castile soape ythe powder must be beaten very fine & boyle ythem in a pint of ythe oile of olives, when it is a turned colour if it come of without sticking to your fingers, then put into 1/2 an ℥ of barrows grease & A 1/4 of an ℥ of Oyl de Bay and let it boyl A little after & then it riddy to dipp ythe cloak as before. In this you may dipp 2 cloaks one after another & Smooth them as before.

A Fare & Excellent Salve to heal all burning by fire29 Take a pint of ythe Oyl of Olife, & put it into a new Pipkin ythen gather some Elder springs of a years groth and of the biggness of a finger & a few leaves of ythe same with all: raise of ythee upper bark and cast it away uthen take ythe 2d bark with is all green & full of sap whereof take of good M [] with ythe leaves put into ythe pipkin with ythe Oyl ythen take some leaves of ythe plantain & as much house leek. all which pour into ythe pipkin & put to these A 6th part of very strong vinegar & A little wine and about two inches of A tallow and so let all those boyl let all the together at a soft fire about 1/2 an hour stirring ythem now and then; then strain ythem through a sivving cloath. & put ythat which is strain'd into ythe pipkin again adding those = to one ℥ and and 1/2 of yellow wax 12 ℥ of oyle all which being boil'd together will come to be a green oyntment which when you will use spread it upon a paper & apply it to ythe burnt place & refresh it every 24 hours if ythe burning be old otherwise if itt be newer and fresh it mitigates ythe pain & healeth imediately wrape a lining cloath about ythe paper to keep itt warme: It is likewise good against ythe swelling of ythe leggs called [ffoscoile] likewise against all heats of ythe liver ythe itch

Mrs. Shan Powder Take myrrh, saffron & bazor of each 6 ʒ make it into fine powder take this dose att 6 times in A spoonfull of this possit drink make clear possit drink of small Ale & white wine boil in itt dittany of [cerla] drink of this 3 times A day for a fortnight together.16

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Captain Greens Red Plaster for A sore brest

Take 4 ℥ of red lead, & an Ounce of white lead & 3 ℥ of Bole Armonack beat them into very fine powder & boyl them in half a pint of the Oyle of Olives, stir them continually that they clod not when they turne colour Alittle drop A drop of it upon A Trench or Spoon If itt come off without Sticking then put to itt A 1/4 of an ℥ of the Oyle of Exeter stir togather & dipp the Cloath.

Boyle to take of A 1/4 of an Ell of the thinest sleasey holland I can gitt & dipp itt in this plaster by little & little that the cloath may all wett then I put it out & lay upon A Table & spread itt with all the speed I can with my hands this plaster is very good if the humor proceed from heat, itt is to be turned every morneing & Evening

To make the black salve which is good for Aches Bruises, burnes or A sore brest

{this & X}

Take A pink of best Sallit Oyle and put in 3/4 of A ℔ of the best Bees wax being shaved thin & then let them melt together and when they are melt'd take them of the fire & put into them 1/2 a ℔ of white lead being finely ground on A painters stone & shake it in & stir itt well togather soe let it boyl 3/4 of an hour. Then take 2 ℥ of frankinsence being finely beaten & searced shake it in and stir itt well & the like quantity of mastick & of Olibium & lastly mirrah vs'd as the ffrankcense, but let it be almost 1/2 cold before yow put in the Myrrhe; Put in A 1/4 of an ℥ of Camphire then set it on againe & let it boyl untill, itt be very black, which you shall diserne by letting the stink which yow stir it with all to drop on A paper then take it of & keep it stir'd untill it be quit cold. Then set the pan on the fire that the sides being warme the Salve may slip out. Thus it may be keept 7 years, if this salve be too stife to put into the wound melt Alittle of the Green wax to put to itt.


To make the Compound oyle call'd Oleum Hyperici

Take of the old Oyl of Malmesey of the flowers of Stt. Johnsworte, of Equall preportion mix them together in A fair Earthen pott well lead within and let them seath in the same pott be stop'd about and set in the midst of A pan of water boiling soe long untill the Juice be consum'd in the seething then let it be hard pressed through A strong strain & A thick and thereto (if you haue them) anoher pount of the flowers of Stt Johns wort & of very good and clear Turpatine 4 ℥ & of Saffron 3[n] let them all seeth again in A double Vessell as afforesaid for the space of 6 hours then let it be stoved 3th dayes & after wards Strain'd & soe prepared & sett up as aboue written of the common Oyle and soe keep it for your vse This vsed against all cold Aches & cold Goutts Sciaticaes palsyes convulsions or Cramps green wounds without inflamations & for the pricking of sinews And note that you must gather your flowers in the begining of June & they must be gathered in the afternoon in A fair day when there is noe due on them; and they be best for your purpose att the first tyme when they be full blowne, when being rubbed in your hands they will dye your hands Red Mrs Tassels Cordiall to bring Away an after birth Take A quart of Small Ale boil it but [Scum] it not then thicken it with black Rie flowers, boil it well Sweeten it with sugar & let the party drink of it warme like other Cordiall.


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32. S: Walter Ranleigh is Great Cordiall Floris Boraginis Mitissa magiteriu Perlaru Anthos Mariorama Dulce Helioscopy Minsha Amb. grecia ex Gargophilbium Valeniana terra Sigullata Rose. Damasion Coralorum Bacharu Juniperi Violatum Lignum Aloes Radix Gentiania Scimbuci Sasaphrax virginia Radix Ledoatia Ros Solis Cardimoinum Radix Aristo flora Bitonica ubibe lachia rotunda Cardici Sanis Berinaticus Radix Angilius intota Substantia Tarmentilla Draw ye sinaturos of all ye flowers apart in Spirit of Wine & of ye foods & rootts by ye Shomsolvos Soo ye Woods & Spirits ye mix all Tinctures if vapour away ye Spirit of wine for ye confistones of honsy to ye weight of this tincture add one 4th part of ye Magiflorium of Coarle and 4th part of ye Tincture of coralloxtract of Amber grocise, X Bozar ye add 2 parts ye other tinctures and brought to Aeonfistanes e.v. 4 Aeittle terra Sigillata & Bozarstono & thou ye parte Corral & Amber, but ye bott & easier way by way and vortuss of ye herbs & flowers in Aproles & sosy in elglals barson upon ye Balnium & their will settle Igroon flucos or fired Tube of ye cloar from ye curd & fillor itt than vapour ye cloar to ye copfistones for ye cordiall for to dry ye hobbs X tabs out their tincture by ye Spirit of wine is flodione, & you by ye leive their salt & bolt vortuous in ye herbs, but for all ye rest ye can not profit, you map for ye Spirit to wine to draw out their tinctures

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34 Mr Gilbert's Water Take Scabius Pimpernall Dormentill roots & leaves Dragons burnt leaves & knobs Balm & Angelico of each 2 handfulls after those are clean pickt washt & dry'd let them lye on A clean cloath soe stamp the roots & mix all well togather & lay it to steep in as much canary as will wett it the next day Distill it in an Ordinary Still till the herbs bee allmost dry'd then take this water & put into it A peck of cordiall flowers A ℥ of filed harts horne 2 ℥ of true methridate the weight of 1/2 A Crowen in saffron in fine powder Gallingall 1 ℥ as much Basell seeds Cloves 1/2 an ℥ Turmerrick root 3 pennyworth cut the Roots in thin slices & bruse the spices & let all stand 20 houres then distill it Bal[n]o & keep the water severally, the first quart put in 4 ℥ of prepared pearle 2 of red Currell two of Crabs Eyes as much white Amber the black tips of Crabs clawes, Taken just att full moon one ℥ of beazar stone forty Grains and as much Ambergrease make all these into fine powder and put into your water and lett it stand close stopt in A great double glass fifteen dayes Shakeing it once every day then boil this glass in A pott of water 6 houres then let it run through a fine Cotton. These ingredients may be us'd again in like manner to make A weaker sort to this water put this syrup following white sugar candy 1/2 a pound 4 ℥ of red rose water and as much spirit of wine boil these A while scum it clean, then settle it & being cold put this to your best water & keep itt well stopt for your use. 35 Mr Shaw's Directions Take Camomill, featherfew, tansey, Cummin-seeds, of each one good handfull, barbery Cummin fry them tender in Oyle of Camomill then take 7 Eggs beat them very well & put them into the frying pan & make A Tansey of them when it is fryed put it into A cloath & wear it close to your belly, heat every day & make it fresh every 3 dressings the wearing of this will asswage your pain and bring Away any thing that may not remain. TO Bring Throw's Take as much of the purest mirrah as will lye upon A Groat mix it with A spoonfull of warme possit drink, and drink A little draught, after it lye warme cover'd this must not be given unless the Child comes right. A Clister for A woman in child-bed. [The] Decoction of mugwort, Angillica & [nepmint] in possit or [mok] to A pint of this may be put 3 Spoon fulls of sugar the yolk of an Egg & as much old Methridate as A gardin Bean, if the first prove not effectuall you may vse A second, & in it put 3 or 4 Spoonfulls of the Oile of Almonds.

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