Wellcome Collection: Ayscough, Lady (MS1026)

Receits of phisick and chirurgery. There are a few cookery receipts at the end. Inside the cover is written 'The Lady Ayscough Booke Anno Domini 1692'. The first 93 pp. and the 7 pp. of cookery receipts are by the original hand, the remainder is in another nearly contemporary script.





For the Scurvy Take A gallon renish wine possitt drinkes & one handfull of Sea [Scurvy] grasss and one of gardin scurvy grass one hand full of water Cresses and of brook [line] & A handfull of wormewood wash them in A cloath and swing them till they be dry eat them grossly cut round in Slices 6 oringes and as many Lemons, then take A pott that half A spidick & fawcett & [law] of herbs & one of Lemons & Oringes soe doe to all of is in then pour (double check) your possit drink Seasoning hott upon the next Morneing drink A wine Pass of itt & : soe att 4 A clock in the afternoon untill it be done repeat this often itt is excellent for the Scurvy. An excellent green Ointment maid made in may, good for any Straines or Sweeling part of th e body Take young bay leaves wormewood of [] 1/2 A pownd red Sage Rice gathered in the heat of the day of each one pound beat them very small in A mortar then take 2 pownd of sheeps suit [new] kill'd & pickt from the skin work them all togather with your stampes then put it to [A pounde] of ___ [Oyle] work itt well togather with your hande fill itt become of one Softness & coler then put itt into A new [ Earthen] pott & let it Stand cover ed 8 dayes then boil itt over A Soft fire 4 houres, Stirring itt well all the while then put into it 4[3] of the Oyle of Spike & let it boil 4 houres more you will know when itt is Enough by putting A drop upon A plate when itt Appeares of A very green colour take it from the fire. Strain through A [canvis]--- & Keep it for vse To make Cowslip water Take 3 Gallons of strong Ale or wine A measured peck of pickt cow slips 2 Ounces of bruised Anniseeds half A pownd of liquorish sliced mace & Cloves Gingar Cinnamon and nuttmegs of each an Ounces let all those lye in the Ale or wine A week close cover'd then put in 2 handfulls of Currants 2 spoonfull of peper bruised wormewood Angillico 2 or 3 branches, Bettony hosehownd pellitory og the wall, grownd time Liverwort Saintt Johns Grass Dandilion mugwort, Spear mint Cardius Benidiclus Chikin weed yellow [Mounsies] Ellicampane & Cumfray of each one hand full lett all those lye in 2 or 3 dayes more still them In A limbeck with A gentle fire itt mist be stirrl'd leasurely of [] pot be not full put in more Ale or wine draw it in fever all Bottles will itt [ ] all togather Sweaten it with fine sugar beaten and [searced], reserve itt for vse. Water to wash sore mouth's Take A quart of whitte wine red Sage, rosemary .... of plaintain & bramble leaves wood = lorrill boil them. togather from A quart to A pint X when it is boiled put in honey till itt be something Sweat put in A peice of alll om ann let it boil all togather Strain it X keep it for vse you may make itt Either of wine or water.

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Our Stone Water.

Take of Pillitory of the wall of Parsely of white Saxafrage of Mother of time of Each 5 handfulls 12 good Radishs slitt then mingle these herbs & Radishes bruise them well in Amortar & Lay them in steep in A Gallon of new milk from the Cow 24 hour's then distill them in A cold still with A soft fire itt must be still'd in May, sweeten'd with sirrup of March Mallow roots if itt be for prevention vse itt About the new & full of the Moon Agood Draught in the morning fasting take it but twice A weak if you be in pain & if any mixture of the wind Collick put 2 drops of the Oyle of Juniper into your Drafft.

For A Plurisie & Amedicine when Aman is past letting Blood

Take an Apple cut of the Top then take the Coar clean out fill your Apple with white of frankinsence putt on the top again roast it then mingle itt well together season itt with sugar & eat itt.

An Ale for the Lungs

Take of Ellicampane one pound Rasons of the sun one pound & An' stoned ground Ivie or Ale hoofe 2 handfulls of Hysop 2 handfulls bruise the Roses and herbs put itt into A bag and hang itt in 5 Gallons of Ale, let itt Stand 8 days and then itt is for your vse.


For Asore Brest

Take the Lights of weather mutton lay it upon the sore brest & itt will draw & heal itt.

Apoltis that will draw & heal A sore Brest

Take the yolk of an Egg & as much English honey some Saffron and [sowes] grease melted, mix it the stifness of other pultises and warme it A littlewhen yow vse itt, lay itt on it will both draw & heal.

For Asore Brest

Take the Leaves of holy Oake & violet leaves boil them well in Hogs grease, white wine new bottled wheat brane rose leaves old or new boil them till they be thick then lay it to the brest as hott as yow can endure itt shifting itt morneing & Evening.

For the yellow Jaundice

Take eight Kentish pipins cut the coares clean out then take 3penny worth of Saffron & dry itt then take 11 Sows for a man 13 if they be small for A woman 9 if they be small 11 bruise them with the point of A Knife alltogather, then mix the Apple the Coar being clean out with the Sows & Saffron put them into the Apple, roast itt thorowly eat one apple soe ordered every morneing for 3 morneings togather then omitt 3 morneings & take itt 3 morneings Again


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The Lady Ellinor Robert's Juiceof Liquorish

Take of Coltsfoot water unsett hysop water of each A pint red rose water, & horehound water, of each 1/2 A pint put into your water 2 Ounce of Ellicampane roots thin sliced one ounce of shaved horts hound 1/2 an Ounce of maiden hare marigolds flowers & Sweet margarem A 1/4 of an handfull of each two handfulls, of Anniseeds two Ounces of English Liquorish scraped & sliced thinn, put all these into A pitcher & Stoop itt exceeding close & sett itt in A skellit of seeying Water, & let itt enfuse on A soft fire A day or more untill 2 parts of your Liquor be consumed then strain all your engredients & take a pound of the best green English Liquoras & scrap itt very clean & cut itt into thin slices then beat in A stone mortar with some of your Liquor & when itt is well bruised you must put itt downe, from the Sides of your mortar & pour the rest of your Liquor cold upon itt, which must be but A pinit in all soe let itt stand 2 or 3 dayes then Stir itt well togather & strain itt through an Ordinary thin strainer as long as you can gitt one drop of Liquor out of it, then put itt into A skellitt & sett itt on A quick fire, stir itt continually for fear of burning & boil itt as fast as you can, make itt boil till itt be riddy to rope, when you have boil'd itt so the height you would have itt, & poured out then put into itt 1/2 A pound of white sugar Candy Finely Beaten and Sugared add to itt 3 drops of the spirit of Rosemary & Cinnamond & Anniseeds of each 2 drops & 3 of Amber Grease as much of malk as you please Unicornes horne & bea[r]er stone what you please then let all these stand untill they are cold in an Earthen or puther dish you must have A pound & an 1/2 att least of sugar Candy more finely beaton & searced to make itt into [peiest only] you must resrve some of itt to role itt into balls withall.


A Plaster for yourr wormes in man, woman, or Child

Take the Galll of an Ox let itt stand till itt stink then let it boil with some honey till it be thick like A plaster, spread itt on leasher, & let your plaster be long enough to reach from the pitt of the stomack below the navell when you lay itt on, strew the powder of Alloe Secatrina on itt soe let lye.

For the falling of the Fundament

Take red nettle tops and bake them well, put them into an Earthen pot or pipkin, put thereto Aquantity of white or Clarret whine, seeth them togather till half the liquor be wasted, give some of the liquor first in the morning & lest in the Evening all wwayes warme applying the herb to the Fundamental as hott as they can Susten itt.

N. Dikes Cordial to be usd for the small Pox in case the kindly rise nott

Take Treakle water eight Ounces English Saffron half A Dram put into A bag with A dram of cockneall steep itt all strongly, then diselve in the Tincture 2 drams of the best Alchermis an Ounce of Syrrup off Clove Gily Flowers as much syrrup of joied of itt rons & 1/2 an Ounce of Syrrup of Copsips of this you may give 8 or 10 times A day the more and after the better but in case youy be not sick twice A day is Enough.

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To Make The Sacred Tincture

Take one quart of white wine put to it one Ounce of the powder of Hirapicra shake itt twice Aday set the bottle in Such Aplace, as itt may have some Aire of the fire att 4 dayes & you may give itt To any one that is obstructed in their Stomack 4 Spoonfulls in the morneing fasting as much att 4 in the afternoon next morneing 5 Spoonfulls & soe in the afternoon en crease every day A spoonfull till you come To Ten Spoonfulls, then lesser till the patient take out the whole quart if itt work above 4 or 5 times in A day give itt but only in the morneing this Tincture thus vsed is Singular against the Green Sickness.

A Powder for Convultions falling Sickness or fitts of the Mother

Take of the scull of a man Green before itt is dry and the Stone that growes in An Oxe's gall, dry them in all Oven, beat them to To Oven powder give as much as you can take up with A groat or Six pence to any one that hath fitts, in A spoonfull in what you please, this seldom fells, saith the Author who was A client of sergent Maynards, and for want of money give him this receit of by way of requitall.


For A Plurisie

Take the Dung = of A stone horse or Geldingthat Standeth att hard meat, putt A good quantity of itt hott & new made into bear or Ale, bruise bruise the dung well ther in, then strain itt through A cloath through A clean cloth & take as much of itt as will make A good draught and put to it the quantity of A nutmeg of Treakle; stir it well till the Treakle be dissolved in itt, then warm it and drink itt in the morneing fasting & also att night when you goe to bed soe it be 2 houres after your meat let your Medicine be soe . be made fresh every day if you can; if not yw may make as much att once as will Serve 2 dayes soe you make it strong enough and put treackle to every draught as afforesaid but keep itt in A very close vessell,

Also for A stich in the side which comes allwayes with A plurisy you must take horse dung & fry itt with fresh butter and if your stich be on your right side under your Small ribs, lay this Medicine on the side of your back derectly against itt soe that itt be not directly against your heart, for the Medicine will move the Stich To the place where itt laid & theirfore the Medicine must not be laid near the heart for fear of draw itt to that place, this hath often done great good both for the Plurisie & also for any inward cold, that is taken when A number of Other medicines would not break itt. This hath been given to A young Child when The red Gun hath been struck in & The Child like to dye & itt hath recovered.

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A Medicine for the stone Marsh mallow leaves, & roots horse Radish leaves and roots, pollitory of the wall, Liquoras ScrapedSaxafrags, wild time, white Tansy polipodia of the Oake Golden Rod, Mercury of Ale hoof poporwort, take ef each an handfull well washed & clean dryed, and put into new milk let itt be stoopd 12 hours the herbs covered over about 2 inches, then mix all togather still itt in A common still, & the water there of mix with white wine sirrup of Althea, or sugar & a little nutmeg 1/2 A pint of water & as much white wine soo take itt when you feel pains, if you please put in Gum well seeds, parselly seeds, caraway seeds sweet fennel seeds & nettle seeds of half an ounce A Liitle bruised.

For the Stomack

Take Oyntment of Orange flowers one ounce of Oyle of white Lillies & Oyle of violetts of each 6 drams oyle of mace by oxpression one dram melt them well togather & anoint the stomack therewith overnight gooing to bed, before A good fire & bath itt in with it warme hand & then lay upon the Stomack & peice of fine browne paper doubled.


For the Ricketts or A Great weakness in the Joynts.

Take the white of 3 Eggs beat them very well then Tincture of castor 3 drams mix them very well togather and anoint the back thighes & Leggs there with every morneing downwards but use this oyment allways cold and never warme it this is the Oyntment for the back, thighes & Leggs.

Dr Godards Receit for the Ricketts

Take almond roiall or maleparn & sarsaparella of each 2 ounces capon Tamarick & a Chilback of each 1/2 an ounces, gardon scurvy grass [the] and elder buds of each one handfull divide all these into 6 parts & put into 6 bottles of small bear when it have stood steeping a day or 2, let the child drink this & noo other drink you may provide the quantity

A Posset Drink for the stone

Make A clear possit drink of white wine & Ale take of the Curd and boil in the possit drink 2 or 3 winter berries & some St Johnswort and sweeten itt with sirrop of althea to make itt palitable drink a good draught of this in the morning fasting for 3 mornings togather then Omitt itt for some time & take it again as you find occasion


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