Wellcome Collection: Ayscough, Lady (MS1026)

Receits of phisick and chirurgery. There are a few cookery receipts at the end. Inside the cover is written 'The Lady Ayscough Booke Anno Domini 1692'. The first 93 pp. and the 7 pp. of cookery receipts are by the original hand, the remainder is in another nearly contemporary script.





Plaister for the Ruhme to lay behindthe ears

Take of Gumdragon 1/2 an Ounce, mastick and Olibinum of each 3 drams of Ball alminack one dram & an half myrtle seeds, spellbium seeds & pomgranate flowers of each one dram Burgundy pitch A pound Karana four drams [Gumlumly] three drams venice Turpintine, bruise all the seeds in A mortar, & put them to the P rest of the Things in A new pipkin and melt them alltogather upon a gentle fire and when itt is A little boild Strain in it very hott your hands must be oyed when you squese it, and you must have boards riddy Oyled to make it upon every role of salve must be kept by it selfe in Oyled papers

to take Away the pearle of th Eyes

Take A handfull of the fresh leaves of Hemlock & a littel rue shred them well & put to them as much English honey as will make it into A soft paist adding A Little Bollalminack in Fine powder, then take A peice of sheeps Leather cut into inches ovall spred it with the stufe afforesaid then lay it upon the wrists of the contrary Arm and shift itt twice A day till you see the pearle be consumed. Mrs. Nesbeet


A very good Remedy against the Falling evill or Convultions

Take one Ounce of dead meus sculls one Ounce of male Piony roote 3 drams of th powder of corall one ounce of Hermadoctells a little Jott one ounce of Castfista beat all these small severally then put them togather & mingle itt with piony water & give To a man 3 spoonfulls att A time to a woman 2 to a child as much as will lay on A great the Childe must be mixt with brest milk, it must be taken morneing & evening 3 dayes togather.

How to make a Sirrup of malt

Take 3 gallons of Ale wort very strong hang it in A pot over A gentle fire that it doe not boil but simper & put into it one pound of sugar candy 1/2 A pound of dates 1/2 A pound of Rasons one penny in Anniseeds 2 pence in saffron some long mace & some cloves thred on A string dittny your pot close & let it simper a day & a night it will not be thick take 3 sppnfull att night and 4 in the morneing this is very excellent for A cold.

for the stone

Take one handfull of ground Ivie and one hand full of mouse ear & 1/2 an handfull of Acrons before they be cupt, boil them in A pint of white wine & A spring water boil it to one pint then strain it then take 5 or 6 spoonfulls of itt in white wine possit drink ever morneing & evening as long as it lasts take this quantity 4 times in the year.


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Directions to make the Drink for the stone

Lignum vitae coriander seed fennell seed English Liquourish Ellicampane root horseradish root senae of each 2 Ounces, Aqua vitae 2 quarts rasons of the Sun one pound, the Liquorish scraped cutt in to small bitts of an Inch long, & Stripped into small strips of the root Ellicampane & horse raddish scrap'd & cut into little round peices of 2 bredth all put into A great bottle & stand A weak and then it will be fitt to drink. To have the strength of the abovesaid ingredients fully they will receive 5 quarts of Aqua-vitae and noe more. 3 where of will be very compleat drink the other 2 quarts to draw off the strength onely & to put upon Anew bottle. as thus Aquart from the Old bottle mixed with the 2 fresh quarts for the new bottle doth well & then put 2 quarts fresh upon the Old bottle & Aquart of it or as much as is left unspent will be fitt to put upon the new bottle that which is put in the new bottle is pottable after A weaks standing & in the same time that which is put upon the Old Bottle.


The Stone water by Dr Banker

Take pellitory of the wall philpendula leaves and roots saxifrage time the mildest sort As smart of each of these 2 handfulls young raddish roots one handfull steep all them 24 hours in white wine & water of each Alike Quantity & then distill them in A Limbeck.

{Mr Gunter} The white of a new laid Egg well beaten the froth Take off 1 spoonfull of sirrup of violetts 1 spoon full of Althea 1 spoonfull of Oyle of sweet Almonds taken in Ale or white wine 3 morneings before the full and 3 morneings before the change.

3 spoonfulls of white wine 3 spoonfulls of small bear as much honey as makes it pleasant to the tast drink this fasting.

A Borestone dryed & beat to powder & searced & put as much as will lye on A groat into A Gill of whitt wine burned.

Take A pint of white wine & burne & burne it put into it as much of the best castle soape shaved as will lye on A Shilling put these togather & sweeten itt with Althea or sugar.

Take the stone that is in the Bladder of an Oxe beat this to powder & take it in white wine as much as will lye on A groat.


Oyle of scorpions & oyle of Junniper berryes.


Infuse Onions in white wine. Take the seeds of burrs and gentlely dry them att the fire then beat and searce them & put as much of 41

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89 The powder as will ly upon A 6 ponce in A gill of white wine & drink itt Fasting. A dram of rubarb powdered fine 1/2 A dram of Crabs Eyes prepared A serupe of Saffron powdered 2 drams of Chio Turpintine the best. Put these in Amortar and pestle ready warmed mix them very well with as much powder of Liquorish as wil make them into A mass whin done soe make them into pis & when dryed put them in A box & take 1/2 A dram of these pills once A fortnight att the new and full of the moon, take them not in A fit but only by way of provention.

A Diet Drink

Take 3 handfulls of scruby, water cresses & brook lime of each 2 handfulls, rue, age, lavander, rosemary, time Lavander cotton, Saint Johns wort wormewood mugwort, green broomtops plantaine, bramble berrie leaves of each one handfull, monk rubard 4 Ounces horse radishh 3 Ounces thin slliced three Oringes sliced allom burnt and powdered four ponce

For The Scorvy

Take one gallon 1 [dram] 1/2 A peck of 4 leav'd bramble stalks Chop and bruise them one handfull of wormewood 3 gallons of clear spring water boil these to one gallon of this liquor take all5 spoonfulls & 2 of white wine morneing & Evening, if you please & A little juice of Oringe & sugar. Take A quart of blew milk and boil it then make A possit with A pint of scurvy grass juice, A pint of white wine & A pint of white wine vinegar. Take a pint of this every morneing & fast till dinner


Receipt For the Stone

Take 2 handfull of parsley two handfulls of parsley two handfulls of saxafrage 2 handfulls of mother time 4 Large horse raddish roots & handfull of march mallowes roots A handfull of philapendula, & a hand of pellitory of the wall, two handfull of mallow floows all the roots must be sliced & herbs A llittle choped & all washed and Dryed in A Linnen cloath these must be put in A large pipkin to 6 quarts of new milk from the next morneing put it into 2 stills with A quick fire then stiring it very often the fire must be kept night & day till it bee Still'd when you haue distill'd it put it into bottles and set them in the sun or in an Oven. Take 6 spoonfulls of this water in 6 spoonfulls of white wine. with the quantity of 1/2 a nut megg Sliced every time sweeten it with A little Sugar, 3 dayes before the change and 3 dayes after the Change of the moon & 3 dayes before the full of the moon, & e dayes after & att otther times if ottasion require but be certain of the change of the moon.

the snale water

Take 2 quarts of snails with the shells on, wash thm & then shake thm in A cloath to dry thm put to thm 2 qurts of new milk honey A pound 2 handfulls of colts foot Egrimony & maiden hair Ale hoose that we vse to call Gill run by the Ground of each 2 Little handfulls or one good handfull still these in an Ordinary Still. 42

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To make compound Gentian water.

Take 12 Ounces of Gentian roots Sliced : flowers & leaves of Century of each 2 ounces of let the Century be cutt & infuse all 8 dayes in 6 pints of white wine, & then distill itt in A Limbeck. This Gentian water is only the ground of the following medicine.

{RS} Species Fieræ dram ij Species Aromatic: Rosat. scruple ij Rubarb. dram j Gentianæ composit ℔ ijs

[Infundantur p dies] 9. when it is settled pour it off & keep that which is clear for your vse takeing thereof in morneing fasting 2 good Spoonfulles in 8 or 10 Spoonfull of wormewood wine & fast 3 houres after itt, & you need not tye your Self to any other Physicall rules either in diet or Exercise take this for 20 mornings togather or longer if you find it needfull.

For the Dropsie, or for swelling of the belly by reason of winde

Take one Ounce of Scena Leaves, 1/2 an ounce of rubarb sliced 1/2 A handfull of century & wormewood tops of each 1/2 an handfull dried put all these into A quart of white wine Steep'd or infused cold 24 hours, then Strain it of & take the 4th part of A dose, & when you take add to every dose 15 graines of tartar vitriolated, & one Ounce of Sirrup of buckshorne take this 4 dayes together unless it work too much then intermitt A day or 2 = the Sirrup & tartar put not in till you take itt, & Stir it up and mingle it very well just as you take itt.


Pills for the Stone or Gravill

Take chio turpentine one Ounce wash it in Parsely water then add to the turpintine made into fine powder 2 dram of crabs eyes, Amber one Dram, Saffron half A A dram double refined Sugar, as much as will make it into A mass for pills then keep itt in A pot & when you haue occasion to make vse of it, by haueing any inclication to the Stone or troubled with sharp=ness or stoping of water, take 3 or 4 or 5 pills att night goeing to bed, for 3 or 4 nights togather or as long as you haue cause you cannot take them too often, for they both help & prevent the Stone Bowl them well in Liquorish powder when you take them if they giue A stool or 2 the next which they very Seldome doe, but when they doe, it is soe much the better, you need not keep house, nor observe any diet with them but what is vsuall, I never found soe much good in in any thing that ever I took for the Stone, & all that I haue giuen them to haue assured me of the Same.

The stone drink is to be had at the Rainbow near the Temple.

For the Bowells stoping & loosness

Take one pound of fresh butter clarified 3 time's after which put in A pugill of red rose leaves & 1/2 as much of pomgrante flowers & take it glisterwise

For the Stone

Take sea Lettice dry it to powder & take as much as will lye on A 6 pence in white wine.


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For any weakness.

Take A pottle of spring water, 1/2 an Ounce of Cynamon broken to bitts, boil it, till itt be consumed to near half, then sweeten it with double refined sugar to your likeing then let it Stand till it be cold, then powre itt clean itt clean from the settleing att th>e bottome & from th>e Cinamon, then put itt into A bottle that will hold 3 pints, & put to it 1/2 an Ounce of prepared burnt harts horne Shake togather fot 2 houres & then drink what quantity you will att any time.

To cure Grease in Horse Leggs. Let your horse keeper, or Groom fasting in the morneing, chew about 2 pounds, of the soft of A Rie=bread Loafe; & Spread itt on Linnen cloths & sowe it about the Legs, as far as the hummor extends, let the horse Stand dry in the Stable; only slip off a little of the hair below the fetlock, before you apply the medicine Renew the medicine every morneing, for 4 morneing togather giue him water warmed within itt, in the Stable all the while, & you will find itt draw out all the matter, & heal all whole, soe that there shall not appear any shew of they said distemper.

For the collick

Take the inner rind of all nuts, dry them & beat them into powder take as much as will lye upon A Shilling when the distemper is upon you; take itt with brandy or white wine as much as will wash itt downe.


The Steel pills.

Take prepared steel in fine powder one ounce & Sena in powder, one Ounce mix them togather make make them up into A mass of pills with Sirrup of Roses if you would haue them work pritty if not with Claret wine the make these into pills, I use to make them into betwixt 60 & 80 pills, devide these into about 10: 11: or 12 parts & take each morneing while finish'd & after the swalloring them drink A glass of clarret or white wine, Stir well for 2 houres then eat A mess of warm broth, wherein is parsley & fennell roots or else A mess of gruell, observe noe further order when your number of pills is taken up rest A day or 2 then take pills for A day, about 5 made up with Aloes 20 grains myrrh 10 grains Saffron 5 grains all in powder, then with Syrrup of roses make them into pilles if you thinkt this will work enough make A bigger proportion because it is to carry off any remaines of Steel, that may remain in your body.

For the Stone

Powder of Liquorish A Spoonfull, put with it as much hoyle of Sweet almonds, as shall make itt thin to take; take this 3 days togather, night & morneing before the full & change of the moon, drink A glass of white wine after it. take Ale sweetned with honey.

{Mr. Gunter}

Take A handfull of Parsely, pert or parsely breake stone & put itt into one quart of white wine possit drink boil the 3d part away drink one pint of at one time.


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