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Physicks (1

To make a suppository effectually to worke

{The Lady Butlers.}
{Ann Hanshawe}

Take two spoonfulls of honey, boyle it in a brazen Ladle
till the honey begin to wax stiffe as when you drop some of it
on a Trencher it will be hard, as it will rowle somewhat stiffly
then putt to it a pretty quantity of white Salt, a quantity of
Comyn Seeds, and also some powser of Aloes, and the powder
of dried Ren, mingle them together, and let them boyle a little,
after you have putt these into the honey, then make your sup-
positore, and so use it.

A rule for ye ... the Greene Sicknes

{Mrs. Ailiffes.}
{A: Hanshawe}

Take of the dust of the purest Spanish Steele a spoonfull up
heaps, a Nutmeg made into fine Powder, as much weight of
Annyseeds in powder finely searsed & half so much Liquorish,
and a Quarter of a pound & two ounces of Sugar finely beaten
and searst, take as much as will bye upon a shillery in a morning
fasting in Warme Beer or warme Sacke in three Spoonfulls of
either. You must not eate in 2 houres after, but rub or saw, or
Swing, or walke very fast. For diett refrane all Milke Meats
whatsoever, and use Broths with opening herbes espetially
Penny Royall, Veale and Mutton chiefly.

For Melancholy and heavenes of Spiretts

{My Mother}
{A Hanshawe}

Take Siena of Alexandria 4 ounces, of Salsaperilla 3 Ounces,
of Raisins of the the Sunne the Stones being taken out
one pound of Epithmum, of double Camomill Flowers, Stecades, of
Hermodatulus of each 1/2 an ounce, of Liquorice 2 ounces and 2 grammes,
of Annyseeds 2 ounces. Lett the Salsaperilla, Liquorice & Annyseeds

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