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that you can endure it upon your Eye then administer it
to the Child or Party & it will bring away Wormes in abundance

The directions of doctor Bowles
{A Fan}
In the first place I comend this diet drinke
for your life, at meales as well as out of meales,
but at least twice a day morning & after ~
taking it for a quarter of a yeare
at a time, the hot months excepted.

A diet drinke for ye Scurbute
{A Fan}
Comon dockroots cut into thin slices [] ounces,
sassfras 6 ounces, 4 Orenges cut in
quarters, 2 handfulls of dryed eldern
fflowers, halfe a handfull of Woormwood
bruized; 2 pound of Raysins cutt. put
all these into a Bag to hang in 4 gallons
of small Ale woort, After 4 days drinke
of it as aforesayde. In the Winter adde
2 quarts of the juyce of Apples, in ye spring
3 pints of the juice of Scurvey-grass, ~
Water Cresses, succory, or dandelion, some =
all, or any of these. when you will
make it purgatiue adde 6 ounces of [Sena]
to the bag

An excellent water to be used con=
all winter for the

{Ann Fan}
Scuruey-grasse bruized three pound,
horse Radish rootes cut sliced & torne
one pound, 12 Oranges cut into thin
slices, put those into a glasse Still, ~

powre in so much sack and white wine
as will cover them 3 finger deepe, stop
the glasse close, let them stand 24 howers
on digestion, the next day distill a water
from hence
Take a Wine-glasse full and at pleasure,
Sweetned with syrrup of eldern flowers,
or Orenges, or wood-sorrell, or Clove

Pills for the Scorbute
{An fan}
Polypodia Rootes dryed and [reduced] into
powder, halfe an ounce; Cassia lignea,
and Cream of Tartar of each 4
scruples; saffrom in powder, 10 graines:
Make these into pills with syrrup of mayden
hayre, a dragme to be taken every
morning for 40 days twice in a yeare,
Spring, & Fall.

A Gargale for the Scorbute
{A Fan}
Syrrup of the green husks of hazell
nutts, the decoction of pomegranat peeles;
of each this decoction halfe a pinte, besides 2 spoonfull
of the syrrup. 9 drops of the spirit of
Virtriol, 2 spoonfull of the Juice of Scur

An excellent Cordiall gurd against
the Scorbute in all Fevers (especti
ally malignant) Small pox, Mea

{A Fan}
Orenges 100, more or lesse, cut them

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