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{Cookery} To make a [Pyle]

Take sweet Hearbes Cloves and Mace and Cinnament, Capers

Shred, [hard] yolkes of Eggs, oysters stewed [rowled] up in Stakes or [Cot]

Cups of Veale.

The Sauce

Take a little Clarett wine, the liqour of Oyster, 2 Anchoves, a

Lemmon sliced a piece of Butter, beate all these up together, & putt

it into the Pye when you [drawe] it and shake it well.

To make Beane Pottage.

{Lady Butler} Take a peece of Mutton and a peece of Bacon, sett it on a boyling, scum

{[A Han]}it well, putt in a Fagatt of sweet Heabes with a little Spear mint &

let it boyle well. Your Beans must be very young & boyled by themselves

else they will make the Broth looke redd but when they have boyled a

pretty while take about a Quart and putt them into the Broath; [and] let

the rest boyle while they be tender then boyle them all to peeces &

straine them with some of the Broathe through a Cullinder, & thicken

the. Broth through a Cullinder & thicken the Broath let it boyle a

little while & serve them up without meat with a peece of sweet Butter

& a drop of [Varges.]

{Lady Butler} A Good way to make Water [Grewell.]

Sett on 2 quarts of Water or more, sett it a boyling with a Crust of

{[A Hon]} Bread, a Fagott of sweet Hearbes, A little bitt of Butter, let it boyle

one Houre then scumme of the Butter, take out the Bread, mince a

good handfull of Sorrell & putt in, then pound a great handfull of Spinage, &

putt in the juice and lett it boyle a quarter of an houre; then take

the Yolkes of 4 or 5 Eggs and beat them very well take your skillett

and putt them in. Stirre them together & it will be thicke. You may

season it as you please. With Sugar Butter Verges or juice of Lemmon.

A very good way to Collar Beefe.

{La: Butler} Take a peece of the thinne End of the Breast Flanke of Beefe about 20 pound

{[A Han]} [Bone] it, lay it in Clarett or white Wine & vinegar & salt 24 houres


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The entire first recipe is either underlined or crossed out. I have underlined it for now but I wasn't sure which it was.