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To Make the Spanish Biskets;
La:Fs:FunereThis attribution appears written in the same hand in the left margin.
Break the whits of 4 eggs into a long bason
and whisk it up it up til it bee all froth with a
preese of a whisk then put in the 4 yolkes, and
beat it uery well a Good while with a Spoon;
then put to it halfe a pound of fine Sugar
beaten and Searced, and beat your Eggs and Sugar together all moast an hour, then put
in halfe a pound of fine flower well d[re]d, and
when you haue beaten it about a quarter
of an hour More, with a spoon Lay your
biskets long ways upon Clean whit papers, and
when they are Layd Strew a Great deal of
fine Searced Sugar thik ouer them and Shake
it off again, then bake them, in a baking
pann if you haue one, if not, in a Gentle
ouen, and take them off with a knife while
they are warme.

To Stanch Bleeding;
Mr. Ford.This attribution appears in the same hand in the left margin.This recipe is written in a different hand than the first recipe on the page.
Take Ueruain & bruise it wel in a Masher or wooden
platter &. put it up the nostrils & it wil immediatly
Stanch the bleeding.

To Make balls. Mrs. Wells.This attribution appears in the same hand in the left margin.

take the flesh of Vieal, rabet, or Chiken & double
the quantety of beef Suet; Shred it Smale & then
beat it in a Masher, then Shred sum Sweet herbs
Smale & Mingle with it, and a little Salt, [...]
[...], These words were struck through emphatically, rendering them illegibile.then beat the yolk of an agg or More acording
to your quantety of Meat & Mingle with it, and to
boil, or fire them in a pan.

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This page was originally transcribed by Ian Faith as part of an EMROC transcription project in 2013 at The University of Akron.


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