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A receipt to make black salve

Take one quart of Lindseed oyle halfe a pound of Bee
wax, halfe a pound of verry good white Lead otherwise
called Ceres; ffirst put the oyle into a Skillet and lett
the oyle be moderate hott, then add to it the wax lett
them seeth together untill the wax be quite melted
then put in the Ceres, as soone as you have put in the
Ceres stirr them alltogether & lett them boyle near about
two houres & lett it be Stirred all that time, it must be
boyled till it be black & stiffe and smell well, and that it
will rowle betweene your fingers

It must be a very moderate heat of wood Coales.

A receipt for ^the Tooth Ache

Take a pint of whitewine vinegar, take the quantity of
3 beere glasses of the purest venice glass, put all your venice
glasse into the fire where you must burn it untill such
time as it be ready to dissolve to noethinge, then take it out
of the fire & put it into the white vinegar, where if it be well
burned it will melt & dissolve to nothing haveing prepared your
Liquor in this manner, you must when you are troubled with the
tooth Ache take some thereof & warme it in a dish or porringer
then take a mouthfull now & then, keep it in your mouth as long as as you
can without swallowing, for to swallow much o'nt would be as bad as ^a poyson


To make A healing Salve

Take halfe a pound of Sheepe Suett, halfe a pound of the
best Rossin, halfe a pound of Beeswax, and 3 penny
worth of Venice Turpentine, first melt the hard
& then put in the Turpentine, & lett it but just boyle
up, and soe rowle it up.

To make oyle of Charity

Take Rosmary, red sage, wormewood, Lavender,
the lesser velerian, Cammomill of each one handfull put
these into a quart of the best Sallett oyle, sett it in
the Sunn Seaven dayes, then sett it on the fire and lett
it but boyle, then straine it from the hearbs, & putt in
fresh herbs, & soe doe 3 times & poure of the cleare from
the thick & keep it for your use.

This is good for all bruises to be taken inward or outward
if inward give 2 spoonefulls of the cleare in a little
balme posset drink, & annoynt it outward with the
thicke, this will help the Toothache & all Cold Rhumes if you
but dipp a cloath & lay it on; A little of this oyle with
Senious oyle will cleanse a wound.

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Ceres = ceruse