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And let the Herbs abide Still in it, and so wash the
soreness and it shall ease it, probatum est.

To make Teeth white.

Take the Root of Walnut Tree, & Seeth it in white wine
then take part of it and Chew it between your Teeth to
dissolve the hardness thereof & So rubb your Teeth, and it
will make them white and this is good for the Eye Sight

for a woman travelling with Child to make
her soon be deliver'd.


Take Bittonye and date Stones in powder and drink
it, and she shall be delivered anon.

A Restoritie for a Ring

Take Rosa Solis and Steep them all night in white wine
and Still them, if a man be weak let him drink the
water alone if he be metlye let him drink it with
vinegar, this will make a whole man a lepor.

For Shortness of Breath. lxv.

Take Hartstongue, Liverworth, Bittanye, Vervaine,
Sentorye, Mugworth, Pellipodine, Sallandine of ev'ry
one of those an oz. then take Rue, Fennell, Dandalyon,
Fetherfew, and Wormwood, of each of these half an oz.
then take 4 Nutmeggs, Saffrones, Graynes & Treacle of
every one of these parcells one half peny worth. Licoris, Annise
& Siny of every one of these parcells one peny worth, & 2d worth
of Shuggar Candy, boyle all those in white wine, and so
straine and drink it


Another for the same, and for the Ague Cure.

Take Bean water, or else a quantity 2 or 3 Spoonfulls
and so much of running water, and drink Morning &
evening, and if thy Leggs do fortune to break or Swell
then take Smith's water & a good Quantity of Shugger
and boyle them well together, and so wash thy Leggs
therewith warm

For the Head Ache.

Take Bean flower, & powder of Cumyne of each like
Quantity and Seeth it in Strong white vinegar till it be
thick, then lay it in a Linnen bagg to Noddack of thy
neck hehind, as hot as you may Suffer it.

A Coppy to make the Soveraign'st water that ever was
devis'd by man, which Dr. Stephens a Phisician of
great Cunning ^& of Long experience did use and therewith
did many great Cures, and all was kept in secrett
vntill a little before his death, then the Archbishopp
of Canturbury gat it from him as followeth


Take a gallon of Gascoyn wine, then take Ginger, Gall=
ingall, Camell & Cinamint Tollianders, Nutmegs, Cloves
Annise seed, of every of them one dramme, then take sage
Mints Red Roses, Thyme of the Moore Pillotory of the wall
Rosemary wild Margerum or gamon as well called penny=
royall, Pennemountain, wild thyme, Camall, Lavender and
Avants, of every of them a handfull, then break & beat the
Spices Small & break the herbs, put all in the wine, let it
stand still & ij houres, Stirring it Sometimes, then Still it in
a Limbeck, & keep the first water by it selfe for it is best.

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Folger Shakespeare Library

"Noddack" in line 61: https://www.oed.com/view/Entry/126833

Folger Shakespeare Library

Camell (line 73) and Camall (line 77) = chamomile?

Folger Shakespeare Library

Tolliander (line 73) = coriander?
(Coriander -> coliander -> tolliander?: https://www.oed.com/view/Entry/36166)