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For Heats in the face

Dock rootes one handfull Burdock rootes one hand=
full, Scabies one handfull, Femittery one handfull,
Dandalyons, & Sorrill one handfull of each, Boyle
them for halfe an houre in the Quantity of Eight
or Nyne Quarts of Claryfy'd Whey, then Straine
it and drink it at your Leisure; but you must
be sure not to drink any other Sort of drink while
you are taking this, and in 12 days time you will
be perfectly well

For the Teeth:

Ivie Berryes two Spoonfulls, Sage halfe a handfull
boyl'd together in a quart of water, when 'tis boyld
dissolve a peice of Allome the biggness of a small
Nutmegg, and Swetten it with Honey


A Receipt for Piels that
Never Faileth


Take four ounces of white Lead the like quantity
of white francinsence, and sift them through a
Tiffany, and mix them with good honey till they be
as thick as to spread for a plaister, then spread it
on a linen cloath, and apply it to the place as warm
as you can endure it. You may singe you cloath
it is the best way.

Mrs. Bayley's Cordiall Ale.

Take 4 handfulls of Firr, 3 ounces of Sarsapilla
one ounce of China slic'd, an ounce of Hartshorne,
as much Ivory; boyle these in 5 or 6 gallons of
midling wort, as it comes from the Malt till a gallon
be consumed; then work it with Ale barme; then
Tunn it up when it has done working, put in these
things, (either in a Bagg or loose,) of Scorzinero
roots 3 ounces; Swert Charvill & Eringo of each
2 ounces; Hartstongue dry'd 2 handfulls, Maidenhayr
Agrimony, Liverworth, of each a handfull; Winter=
bark halfe an ounce, the Rhinds of two Oranges,

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Line 48: OED has no examples of tun(n) being used as a verb, as in "Tunn it up"