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slightly wounded but being missed were
pursued & prevented from doeing any fur-
ther mischief

Yesterday mr Trevor Solicitor
Generall being at Kensington received the honour
of Knighthood

yesterday the Duke of ormonds
troop of Guards which was thought to have
been cast away are come to towne &
with them Coll Billingsley

The King was pleased yesterday
to say that upon the last account of the lost
in the Battle in fflanders there were but
4000 Killd & wounded on the Confederate
side, and the Intendant of Namure be-
ing taken prisner by some of our troops
had a list found in his Pockett of 9000
killd & wounded of the French

The Prisners that were to have
been executed yesterday being condem-
ned last week at the Old Baily are res-
pited till munday

On thursday night last the
Countess Dowager of [Slirum] Bed chamber
woman to the Queen and a great ffavorite
at Court dyed of the small Pox at White Hall

Some of the Sect of the Camer-
oneans in Scotland are come to towne de-
signeing to present a Petition to his Maieste
setting forth theire Reall Principles that they
& not the Presbyterians are the true Kirke
of Scotland

Edenburgh 8ber 15o yester-
day being the Birth Day of the late King
James severall Jacobites were seised

{speech & thanked the Citty for theire readyness to lend the Queen money
in his absence & said he would take caire to recommend it to the
Parliament to be repaid & that his constant caire should be for the
Prosperity & wellfaire of his good & faithfull subjects in the
Citty of London - I am credibly informed that the City intends to invite}

and committed for Caballing & drinck-
ing the said Kings health in the streets
the Heritors that were some time since
comitted for refuseing the oathes
are not yet enlarged tho' they
have petitioned to be bailed
Tis discoursed that Sir William Trum-
ball is apointed to goe his Maiestes
Embassador to the Imperiall Court

Cowes the 20 yesterday
came in here the Revenge of Dover
haveing been attacked by 3 ffrench
Privateers one of them of 18 Guns had
like to have boarded her 2 or 3
times Killing 2 of her men

ffallmouth the 17o 20 merchant
ships are sailed here for the straights
and this day 150 ffrench Prisners were car-
ryed hence to Plymouth

Weymouth 15 the [Julian] of
Guernsey is come in here haveing
been chaced by 2 french Privateers with whom
she maintained a running fight
till she gott into Harbour where she
found the William & Mary Privateer & the
Russell Galley who are gon after
the said Privateers

this morning a grand
Councill was held at Kensington
and the chifest Point was to settle the

{[Irish] Bills relating to Estates and next Councill day Coll Beaston
Governor of Jamiaca will receive his finall Instrucions to goe to the
West Indies & he carryes with him a deputy out of the Post Office
to settle the Conveyance of Letters from the Plantations hither
his Maieste this day in returne to the Recorder of Londons}

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