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brought in here a ffrench prize laden with
salt & brandye-

Harwich 22d yesterday and the
day before came in here 11 Transport ships
with the Duke of Leister and severall Com-
panies of Soldiers on board from Ostend

Yesterday one of the Gentlemen
waiters to the King had his pocket pickt
of 20 Guineas and a Watch above staires
att whitehall -

Portsmouth 23d sir Iohn
Ashbey with 10 men of warr is at Spithead

Deall the 23d his Maiestyes ship
the Crown [...] brought into the Downe
a ffrench prize laden with wine & brandy
from Burdeaux the prisoners say they came
with 50 saile more but we doe not hear of
any other taken -

Letters from plymouth further
advise that the St Albans ffrigat the Bonadventure
the Mary Galley and a ffire ship are arrived
there from Newfoundland & has brought in
with them 4 ffrench Barques which they took
in the passage -

Sir Ralph Delavall ... is gone
down to the fleet to see that the 3d 4th and 5th
rate ffrigats be kept in readiness all this
winter -

Yesterday we received a fforraigne
Maile the greatest remarks it brings are viz

They wrote from Venice of the
17th Instant that they have advice from Hun
gary of the Turkes being reinforced with some
Thousands Asratuks are Decamped from Bel
grade the Grand vizier has ordered Detachment

{the year to [5]300000li and the Excise to 800000li = Great preparacions are making in this City to En-
tertaine theire Maiestyes on saturday being the Lord Mayors day = This day parson Young pleaded not
Guilty to an Informacion against him in the Kings bench for fforging the Bishop of Rochesters hand
& is to be tryed at westminster 15th of next Month & on the 7th Ditto will be tryed Mr ffuller the Evidence
who Bantered the house of Commons & by them ordered to be prosecuted = The act of parliament}

to [repass the save] 2000 horse have been seen
at [Salanchment] and that tis now vncertaine
when the 2 Armyes will seperate

Paris 23d october his Maiestye
has iust now received advice that the Count [Derstree]
is gott with his ffleet into [Thoulon] & therevp-
on sent and Express to him forthwith to re-
victuall his ships and saile for the Coast of Italy
to Endeavour to hinder the Italian Princes from
giving winter Quarters to the German Troopes
the King has alsoe ordered that he afterwards -
Bombard some places near Barcelloma within
but that if the Spanish ffleet winter in Naples
they may be Drawn from thence & obliged
to putt into Dales whereby they well not bee
able to putt to sea soe early next sumer as the
last -

The Barrage which the Enemye
made lately in Dauphiny has lessened the Kings
revenue this year almost 2 Millions of Livers

We have given out 60 new Com-

missions for privateers at Boyne Rochell & Burdeaux
22 of the men of warr that were at St Maloe
are come into Brest but 6 of them are soe disabled
that they will scarce be refitted for next summers
service -

The Paris Gazette saies that
a St Malo privateer has lately taken arich
ship comeing from Barbadoes with 100000
Crowns & that one of the Kings ships has alsoe
taken another rich English ship coming from the
Indies -

On Sunday last we had private
Letters from Paris which say that the Duke. of Savoy dyed
the 12 Instant at his Country seat near

{Turin & that he had left the Regency to his youngest vncle prince: Eugen of Savoy during the Minori-
ty of his sone which advice is thought to be true = some Lords who have not taken the seates this
Raigne in the house of peers Designe to doe it this Sessions of parliament when they will take the oathes
The Commissioners for taking the publick accountts are drawing vp [...] report & the Customes amount to}

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