L.c.2115: Newsletter received by Richard Newdigate, Westminster, 1692 November 3

Bifolium. Postmarked: PENY POST PAYD (AV4[?]) and W Mor 8. Endorsed: 3. Nov. 1692.. Newsletter. Addressed, "To the honble Sr Richard Newdigate Bart at his Lodgings at Mr Coleman's In the great Ambree Westminster present." Offsetting present on 1r.

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London 9ber the 3d: 1692

Sir The fforraigne Letters since my last advise Rome the 18 vltimo on Sunday Monsieur Rabineck had a long Audience of the Pope & desired of his Holiness in the name of ffrance: that hee would Intercede once more for a Generall Peace in Xdome & if the Confederates should dispute the same that hee would enter into a League to disturbe the winter quarters in Italy & the ffrench King his Master would send 5000 Men vpon his Coast for that end & desires the Countrey of Bulloign & fforrara for theire Quarters as alsoe the Haven of Civita Vechia for his ffleet & that hee might have Liberty of Exportacion of 20000 Measures of Corne to all which: - Innocent Answeared that hee had endeavoured as much for a Peace as any Man & that hee would trouble himselfe no further & that the Haven of Civita Vechia was ffree for any & that hee would give no winter quarters to his Masters Troopes & that hee might stay or goe as hee thinks fitt. The Letters Yesterday from Scotland Say that an English Vessell with ffrench: Collours came lately before the Bass & made a Toast to the Rebells who Immediately manned a Boate to - goe on board but when they were gott about halfe way they perceived theire mistake & made with haste they could to gett back againe but the great Guns of the Shipp reached theire Boate & Sunk & the Rebells were all Drowned

{&c & with [success] must bee further raised but the this ffrench Artifice may bee easely discouered & soe wee hope as soon avoyded = Mr Linesey Secretary to the late Earl: of Milford is seized by the English att Ostend where he was veiwing matters in order to Imparte them to King James - The Paris Gazett Sayes thay the Duke: of Savoy is againe relapsed & that the Physitians begin to dispare of his recoverey but wee hope better things = It adds that the Duke: of Gourden who some}

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I am Credibly assured that his Maiestie will Speedily raise & maintaine att his owne proper charge 20000 men & that the Confederates will carry ^the warr the next Summer into the Boceells of ffrance: which: with: 60000 ffoot & 25000 Horse & yett have a Sufficient Army to make head against the ffrench: in fflanders

On Munday & Tuesday while the King was att Winsor the Gentlemen fflocked from all partes of the County to Congratulate his Maiesties happey returne

this Week Severall Scandalous & Seditious Libells reflecting on the Government: have been found Scattered in the Streetes & fixed on the Doores of divers Iustices of the Peace & great Enquirie is made after the Authors

Yesterday about 40 Transport Shipps arrived in the River of Thames some of them haveing on board the Kings Horses from Holland And about 40 Chyrurgeons are come over from fflanders to prepaire new Medicines for the Army

I am Informed that the Commissioners for takeing the publick Accounts have gott the Same in readiness to present to the Parliament: And that his Maiesties debts to the Army are about 800000li to the Navy about the like Summe & 400000li: vpon account of the Transportacion

On Tuesday was a heareing before the Lords of the Treasurey betweene Dr: Pinfold at Doctors Commons & the Commissioners for takeing the accounts of money leavyed some Yeares since on

{of the Poll Bill 200000li & there is already brought into the Chamber 180000li parte thereof = The King has this day in Councill ordered all matters relateing to the Opening of the Parliament to Morrow & they will be Adjourned for some days = sSome disaffected persons have by the Penney Post transmitt amost virulent Libell to divers Privy Councellers & members of Parliament: Aggravating the expence of money as how much reased since King Williams Coming to the Crowne what is at present due to the Army Navy}

Dissenters & not paid into the Exchequer & after along debate it was ordered that the Doctor should come to Accompt for [with] money are in Arreares

Here are private Letters which give an account that ffather Warner (Confessor to the late King Iames) dyed lately att Paris

Plymouth 8ber the 30th last night Sailed f.rom hence the Elizabeth: of London with 300 ffrench:- Prisoners for Sainte Malo to bee Exchanged

Dartmouth: the 30o: Ditto Yesterday came in here the William & Mary & Russell Galley Privatteer to cleanse haveing been a Cruizing but have brought in no Prize

Portsmouth: 9ber the 1mo Sir: Iohn Ashby is still att Spithead with: 37 Men: of warr English & Dutch

It's much discoursed that a Cessation of Arms is agreed on between the Imperialists & the Turkes from whence tis very much hoped that a Peace or att least a Truce will bee Concluded this Winter between those 2 Armyes

the Convoy to the Transport ~ Shipps aforemencioned have brought in with them a ffrench: Privatteer of 18 Guns whome they too[...] as shee was about to Steale away one of the Transport vessells

the fforraigne Letters further advise - ffrom Venice of the Senate have deferred the shooting a famous Captain Generall of theire forces in the Morea vntill they Shee what effect the Negotiacion of the English & Dutch Emba ssadors will have towards a Peace with the Infidells

Paris 9ber the 3d 8 men: of warr - are Sailed as farr as Callais to Convoy all the

{Sweedish & Danish Shipps that bring vs Masts Cordage & other necessaryes for building the Kings Shipps that are on the Stocks = A great many of the Irish Members who are Parliament: men in that Kingdome are already come from Dublin & the Lord Liftenant will follow soe Soone as hee has closed that Parliament & the Discourse is reassumed that the Lord Iustice Counesbey will bee made one of our Secretaryes of State = This day the Common Councill of this Citty mett & voated to Lend his Maiestie vpon Credit}

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time since killed the Lord Milford made his - Escape out of the Bastile & is now taken in Switzerland

To the honourable Sir Richard Newdigate Baronet at his Lodgings at Mr Coleman's In the great Ambree

Westminster present

3. November. 1692. News letter

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