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London December 8th 1692

The Merchants upon the
September from their ffactory at Aleppo
that the plague has been very severe in
those parts that all the Christian Merchants
were obliged to retire farr into the Countrey
but were returned and by Computacion found
that it had Swept away above 30000 Souls
Tuesday night Mr Whitson
the Exchange Broker pursuant to his Maiesties
order attended the Lords of the Treasury and
gave their Lordshipps great Satisfacion
in certain proposalls he Laid before them
for the raising of Money as also shewing
a way that very few Merchant Shipps
should be taken by the Enemy for the
future that his Maiestie should become
their Ensurer at 5li per Centum both
Inward and Outward and take all the
said Shipps under his particular Convoy they
Sayling all together in ffleets and that his
Maiestie should Reimburse any Losse out
of the Customs whereby Seamens Wages
would be brought down to a regulated
price and his Maiestie haue them upon
all Occasions which point was Very
well approved of
Sir George St Georges a
Regiment which was ordered for Ireland
Is Countermanded not being of that
kingdoms establishment

{Serjeant at Arms who attended the Lord Cheif Baron Atkins is sworn in the place of Serjeant Topham
= The first letters say that the Lord Livetenant is coming for England having constituted the Lord Merson Sir Charles
Porter and Collonel Smith Lords Justices in his Absence and I am told that his Excellency will be made Generall of
one English Foot in the Room of Count Solms = this day the Lords were upon the Advice and Carryed a Question that
whereas one Collonel Gore a dutch man commands at the head of our Train his Maiestie would be pleased to
Employ an English man = this day the house of Commons caused to be read a 2d time}

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