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And yesterday . Mayls from that kingdom
gaue an account that most of the Barbadoes
Shipps which were thought to be Lost are
put in there - And the East India Company
has the gladd Tidings that their ship
Mary from India Captain Barker Com-
mander which they had given for Lost
was put into Baltamore in Ireland
Yesterday the Grand Committee
of the House of Commons went through
the Regulacion of the East India Company
and Resolved that there should be no
Alien of the Committee - That [...]
Iobbing should be Laid aside - That 508li
stock should have a vote and [higher]
summ no more, and that the Governor that
should be Chosen should haue 5000li stock in the
Company, , and 1000li every Committee man
and that the Company should be obliged
to Carry yearly to India 100000li worth
of goods of the English Manufactury
Yesterday a Duell was fought
between the Lords Mohun and Cannada and
tis said they are both wounded in the
= Yesterday our Merchants had Advice
that the Dromedary a ship of 700 Tunns richly
Laden from Barbadoes was Last week cast
away on the Coast of Scottland she sayling round
that way to avoid the ffrench
Edinburgh 2d December

{and near the Exchequer Office ffought the Latter being killed the other made his escape
- This day the Dorchester men had their ffeast at Merchant Taylors hall the Bishop
of Rochester preached before them at Bow Church in Cheapside = Captain Whitney the
highway man is in Chelmsford Goad and tis said he offers 320000li for his pardon = The
Duke of Ormond Lyes dangerously Ill = Iust now I am assured that mr Grigg}

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