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and Captain Hill the Lord Chief Iustice has
Issued out his warrants for the Apprehension.
Yesterday afternoon was held of
Verge at Westminster and adiourned to this
day 7 night when Iohn How Esquire
pleads his Maiesties pardon for striking and
Wounding a person near the Court who had
formerly been his servant
Sir Henry Bellasis is sent
Envoy to the Elector of Bavaria at the
Court of Brussells to Complement the Elector
on the Birth of his son.
The house of Commons yesterday
debated the Bill for 5 hours relating to the securing
his Maiesties person ^[..] Government by making it Treason to
utter words or disperse Libells against it
there being an Oath also therein in the
Nature of Abiuracion at Length they came
to the Question whether it should be com-
mitted or not yeas 176 Noes 200
All the Regiments designed
for Ireland are Countermanded except the
Earl of Meaths
on Tuesday Last the Oxford
Waggon Was robbed by severall high way
men who killed the Master because he made
some resistance
Dartmouth December 11th: yesterday
a ffrench privatier came to Anchor off the
[start] who perceiving a vessell coming from
the Eastward hoysted sayl and took her
Letters yesterday ffrom Cowes say
that 4 shipps are driven a shoar at stoaks Bay

{that allready they began to Carry on the policyes giving 50li to receive 500li
when King Iames was reinstated on the Throne which in all Governments
but this would be severely punished and therefore this was a time of Exigency
That a person at a Late Sessions was obliged to take the oath and a stewards
told the Iustices he was then as much a Iacobite as before this day the
House of Commons read an Engrossed Bill from the Lords about Butter and Cheese}

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