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In the Late storm and tis feared will be
Portsmouth 13th Instant this
day their Maiesties ship the Rupert
came in here with a ffrench privatier
of 16 guns and 100 men which he
took off of Alderney and yesterday
came in the Sussex Galley from
Cruising having spent her Main Mast
In the Late Storm - the ships de-
signed for the streights and the West
Indies are still at Spithead but
will Sayl the first fair wind
Last night Sir Robert Henry
Master of the Kings Bench Office departed
this life
yesterday the Debates were
Long and strenuous in the house of Commons
upon the Bill for securing their Maiesties
xi and even by those well Intencioned
to the Government alledging that It was
too sanguinary and would be a snare
for many people and they ought to be very
Carefull how they make words to be Treason
for otherwise every honest man was
at the Lash of a knave and servants if
they did not Like their masters [v....e]
Corrected by them they would presently swear
Treasonable words against them - besides
honest men might hear words and perhaps
mistake them and then swear positively as he
believes he heard them no Averment to the
Contrary or the persons to say they did not hear
such words spake in the Company would avail

{and It might be of ill Consequence in another Reigne - and as for Oaths they would not bind
Ill men for it they took it as Dr Sherlock had deciphered an Oath upon the Landing of
King: Iames they would Look upon themselves as no Longer obliged but take part with him
as thinking him King de Iure - But it was obiected that the Disaffected
party were allmost come to an Open boldness dispersing the Libells in every Corner
which did Empoyson the people and were ready to ffly in the face of the Government}

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