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upon Land and household goods be Included
Resolved that a million be raised upon the proiect that any
person may bring in a 100li and have 7li per Centum
and that 70000li upon the hereditary Excise be
Appropriated for the purpetuall Interest & that the sur-
veyivor shall Receive the Benefit of those that dye
& if the full Summ be not brought in to.ta [heap]
the same, which shall be paid next sitting of
Parliament: = we hear that 16 high men robbed
a Carrier at New Market Townsend Last Munday
the Countrey people jumping upon them at the
Same time [without] being able to attack them
We haue received a fforreign Mayl since my last but the
Gazett will furnish you with the most most materiall Occurrences

For Mr Gilbert Newdigate at
Arbury, near
Coventry Bagg.

15 December. 92

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