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Arrived here this Christmas gives an
account that there are great preparacions
making in those ports and they openly declare
that they will make a descent either Into
Scottland or Ireland but sayes that our
taking Lately a ffleet of Danish shipps
being Laden with Navall stores doth very
much retard them In order to the Equipping
their new shipps - he further adds that
money is some what plenty in the Sea
Port Towns but very sccarce in the
Countrey and that for one young man
might see 40 old the fformer being
hurried to the warrs Those of St Maloes
are fortifying it as Likewise all other
Towns fearing a descent from England
Edenburgh 24th December Sir
Iames Stewart has taken his place at the
Councell Board as the Kings Advocate and on the
23d appeared before the Lords of the Sessions in his
Gown - It is said his Maiestie has remitted the
Affair of the Magistrates of this City which
still continues on the same Foot as mencioned
In my Last to his Councel. Sir patrick
Murray their Maiesties Cash Keeper and
Sir William Lockart their Maiesties sollicitor Generall
are removed from being Councellors and
tis said divers Alteracions will be made shortly
among the Officers of state in this kingdom
- ffrequent Robberies are of Late committed
in and about this City the Rogues going
In Bands 20 of which Lately attacqued

himself was slightly wounded in the Belly but I cannot learn the Occasion = Die
Sabbati 31 The House of Commons would not agree to a present free Conference with
the Lords but sent word by a Messenger of their own - They haue this day committed
the Bill for Coynage that the Standard or Current price be 3d Lesse in value
to hinder the Exportacion thereof They afterwards went through the Money Bill

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