L.c.2123: Newsletter received by Richard Newdigate?, 1692/1693 January 3

Bifolium. No address present. Endorsed: News Lettr: for the year 1692.

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London Ianuary 3d 1692

We hear from Portsmouth that Capt Blood an officer in Coll ffoulds Regiment designed for ye West Indies the Son of that Blood who with others stole ye Crown out of the Tower is charged by the post Boy for robbing the portsmouth Mail and is under confinement for ye same.

The Lady Rislies house in Gerrard street was robbed of 800li value on Sunday Morning Last.

yesterday the House of peers after some hours debate registred the Bill brought by his grace the Duke of Norfolk against Mary his Dutchess

yesterday one of the Earl of Oxfords Regiment being under some dissatisfaccon sett his Carbine to his Brest and with the Rammer Thrust down the Tricker and shot himself dead

on Sunday a Church Conventicle was disturbed in Dunstans Alley in ffleetstreet and Mr King the Messenger seized 2 non [Iuriting] parsons who were praying for ye Late K James

The Spanish Embassador paid his visit to Court yesterday to wish their Maties a happy new year and signified to them That he had an Assured accot and that while the ffrench drew off from before Huy the garison made a stronge sally and killed above 1000 of the enemy

In ffumeram Dixmude 2 Cannon 300 Barrell of powder & proportionable shott & some hundred Quintalls of Match the rest belonging to the dutch and there were no English Troops therein - The House of Commons this day sate till 5 in the afternoon and tis not known when ye Lds will use the ffauor, were cheifly upon the Money Bill having onely the borrowing and Appropriating clauses in the Commissioners [.............]

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besides what was slain by the Cannon of the Castle yesterday a new ode Composed by Mr Tate poet Laureat and Tuned by Dr Blow was sung before their Maties upon occasion of ye new year part of which is as followes Whilst Tyrants their neighbours and subjects Oppress all Nations the pious Restorer [Caress] [somiely] our [New] prepares for ye ffield his Valour his sword his vertue his shield he aims in Compassion for Europes release he Conquers to save & warrs to give peace

yesterday Allderman Sturt a Wealthy Citizen passed through the strand Westward In a herse followed by his Lady in another In order to be Interred both in one Graue In the Countie

his Matie hath dispatched an Express to Ireland relating to the Late proceeds In that kingdom and his Matie hath ordered 3 Regiments to embarque for Cork and Kingsail and that his Excellency come not for England without further orders

The House of Commons was yesterday called over and ordered 6 members to [fo..ht] up in Custody of a serjeant at Arms vizt Sr Mark Millbank Sr Tho Miller Mr Henry pelham - mr Benet Mr Dorney and Mr [......]

Fallmouth 25th [vlt] yester day their Maties pacquett Boat came in here

body Attackt Dixmude, ffurnes &c which had the Effect as that the fformer Surrendour to ye ffrench, and ye garison quitte ffurnes before the ffrench came to it This Express adds That upon the Approach of the Confederate R Army towards Runfelden the ffrench quitted ye Siege and sayeth further that The Electoress of Bavaria is dead at Vienna Those mem bers in the House comenced in the Ordinance said if his Matie had onely

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the Captain saith he saw 4 ffrench men of Warr at sea and has heard that they have 2 whole Squadrons abroad

Portsmouth ye 1st Instant ye Loyalty of London riding at [......] in Cowes Road was yesterday driven from the same & Ioyned a [s....] in Stoaks Bay

Severall Inn keepers will suddenly be taken up for high way men upon ye Informacion of Holland who was condemned last sessions but is to haue his pardon for ye discovery

on Sunday Last Sr Iohn Morsham departed this Life and Left his son an estate of 4000li per Annum and 40000li in money

on Sunday last 2 highway were seized in St Martins Church & committed

The Letters from ffallmouth further Advise that they haue an accot from St Ives that Last week a ffrench privatier within sight of ye place took an Engish ship of 100 Tunns Laden with Linnen Cloath and other Commodities and the Master of her Agreed with the Captain of the privatier to haue his ship again paying 255 but the said Master going Ashoar and not returning again the ffrench after having taken out all the best goods sett the ship on fire and the people of ye Town sat her burn down to ye water

On Sunday Evening

Mr Bridgman kissed the Kings hand to succeed Mr Dives in his place of Clerk of ye Councell and tis said Dr [Irwin] under secretary in the Reign of K James will be made secretary of ye privie office - This day the Spanish Embassador received an Express by a vessell hired on purpose from Ostend with an accot that the Appearing of the ffrench before Huy was onely a Counterfeit shew to drain our fforces Thitherwards whilst another

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Appointed Thursday to go into a grand Committee and on Thursday a free conference is appointed with ye Lds - Tomor row about ye Earl of Nottinghams papers

The Lds haue been all this day in a Committee on the Bill to disable members to sitt in Parliament that shall accept of any office at Court severall clauses are brought in to be added and they twice divided and threw them out being Contrary to the purport of ye Bill and tis believed they will pass the same with Little Amendments

News Lettr: for ye year 1692

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