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London 12th Ianuary 1692

Paris the 9th Ianuary
Tuesday last an Express arrived att Versailles
with Advice that his Maiesties fforces made a
very ill beginning of the new year to be
baffled before Rhienfelden and obliged to
raise that seige more Like a fflight then
a Retreat Leaving 2 Cannon and A
mortar in the Trenches & a Large Can
non in the wood of Biberlett to the end
to be Less Embarassed [???] he the greater
haste which very much mistifies the king
for that it had a further prospect of obli
ging the Grand Seignior not to hearken to the
proposicions of peace upon the promise that
his Most Christian Maiestie would make
such a powerfull diversion in the Empire
as to oblige the Emperor to draw his forces out
of Hungary to sustain his own estates but
tis ffeared this misfortune will have that contrary
Effect to prevent which his Maiestie declares
he will Suddenly go in person to form the
seige of Magenie in hopes to haue better
Luck then at Rheinfelden the [censuness] fulness
of which his Maiestie Charges to Monsieur Ballard
who pushed him on the design assuring him
that it would not Continue a siege of 6 dayes
but we make the publick believe that we
had but 800 men killed and 600 wounded
though the particular Letters say 3000
and among them 60 officers and the
king fearing that It might preiudice

should Issue out writts for Assembling the same and it is to be read a 2d time on Munday
the Commons spent most part of their time in reading a 3d time the Engrossed Supply
Bill and a Clause was added and made part of the Bill that whereas a Tenant
had agreed with the [Lanle] to pay all Taxes and he not taking the Oaths the
Tenant shall not pay 8s but the Moyety and The other shall be paid by

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