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And the Lords of the Admiralty
had yesterday an account that 150 shipps ~
being the dutch streights ffleet with the Convoy
were seen in the back of the Goodwiccs coming
from Holland to Ioin our Turkey ffleet and
Sail all together for those parts their Convoy
being about 200 men of Warr

The Danish Resident hath
delivered the king a memoriall relating
to the shipps of that Countrey which were
Lately brought in being upwards of 40 sail
carrying Contraband goods to ffrance desi=
ring that they may be discharged

The Grand supply Bill will be was
this day read a 3d time and passed & sent up
to the Lords for theire Concurrence and ready for the
Royall Assent by saturday -

Monsieur: Asfielt employed by the
French king at the Court of Denmark Is refused
by that Court to haue any Converse with them
as being concerned for In the Complement for
taking away king Williams Life in

Last Tuesday 7 waggons were
robbed by some of Whitneys Gang on Finchly
Common coming from Bedford and those parts

Yesterday the House of Com-
mons was setting upon the report [.adefrom]
tion grand Committee upon the Matter of Advice
and the ffirst head being a Resolucion to
appoint such persons to execute the office
of Lord High Admirall as were skilled in
Maritime Affairs & that all orders

pass through them which point the house debated 3 hours and the Question being putt whither
they should agree with the report of the Committee It was Carried in the Negative
Noes 125 - yeas 112 but they agreed with the Committee to advise the king that no Order should
pass but by & through them whereby they must become Answerable for the same -
this day the House of peers were upon the point of Advice to the king and debated the danger