L.c.2155: Newsletter received by Richard Newdigate, Arbury, 1692/1693 March 23

Bifolium. Postmarked: MR/23. Endorsed: 23 March 92/3.


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London March the 23d- (92 3)


Wee received yesterday 2 Irish Mailes which left that Kingdom in perfect tranquillity and say that the people were as much reioyced at the Parliments Adresses to the King to regulate the proceedings of Ireland as at the Victory of the Boyne

Tis Gennerally said that the Lord Sidney is to be recalled and the Earl of Pembrok stands ffairest to succeed him and that his Excellency will be made Master of the Ordnance & tis Certaine the Irish Parliment is ordered to be further prorogued to the 6 Iune Next

Yesterday a Grand Councill was held at kensinton where Sir Iohn Summers attorney Gennerall was summoned to attend being called there into the Lord President Signifyed to him that tho' his modesty made him decline the Office of Lord Keeper of the Great Seal yeat the King being sattisyed of his Abillityes Commanded himselfe to accept of the said place & he was Declared Keeper of the Great Seal accordingly & was Complimented upon it

His Maiestie afterwards Declined the Honorable Edward: Russell Eldest son of the Earl of Bedford to have the place of tresurer of the Chamber lately posest by Sir Rowland Gwin- -

My Last Mencioned that one Captain Littleton was Committed to the Gate house for Chipping which Inow find to be Captain Middleton his sister in Law being seized by Iustice Regnorton & 70li worth of Clippings found in his Custody and was discovered by one Mr Stokes aMember of Parliment who lay in a Room underneath and hearing an unusuall Noise over his head & Considering the Mans

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Walter Chitwin Esquire Member of Parliment for Stafford Dyed 2 or 3 Daies agoe of the Small Pox heareing noe Issue to our Estate of 4000li Per annum But has made Captain Chitwin his Kinsman his sole Executor and has ordered an Anuity to all his servants proportionably to their Degrees-

The Million Proiect Act has advanced since yesterday 7 Night 12800li & as the Law Directs Sallyes are struck-

Rear Admirall Mitchell is ordered to return with his squadron to england Imediately after he has Convoyed the King to Holland-

Forty Gentlemen with each aMan attending him well Mounted are arived there from Glocesteirshire Designeing to pass this summer in the Campaign in fflanders provided his Maiestie will permit them to act as a Boddy

Last tuesday Night 3 Highway Men Robbed as many Gentlemen near Hyde park Corner from one of whom they took 25 Guinees a silver hilted sword and aWatch

Yesterday the Gunner belonging to the train of Artillery in fflanders went down the River in order to their Imbarqement

Wee had an account yesterday from Guilford in surrey that one Mr Thornberrough a Minister who had abennifice of 200li Per annum in the Countrey Preached lately upon the following Text Let him that think hee stands take heed Least he fall & then went Imediately and hanged himselfe in aWood and was not Discovered till 9 Daies after-

Deceased ^the King: doing it mera Moatu with verry Gratious Expressions in favor ^of him - A Great Many Gentlemen besides those afforementioned are come out of severall Counties with horses & servants well Mounted & Equipped to serve as Vollenteers in fflanders - Wee have an account that the Surveyor Gennerall haveing vewed the Roades is allready arived at Harwich & sent an account of all the Defective waies between that place & London

I am Assured that the King has declared his resollucion to Carry on aDiscent this summer against ffrance: to which end all Matters are disposed aGreat Number of Bisketts to be baked aVast Number of Beifes to be Killed 20000 tents to be prepared and severall Thousand Loads of Hay to be bought up The Lord Livetenant of Ordnance to gett ready all sorts of Municion of War The Wellboates to be Carreened in order for service & the Discent will be made by his Maiesties subiects & the ffrench Refugees-

Dr Roan Bishopp of Killalow being lately Dead in Ireland his Maiestie has appointed Dr Pooly to succeed him

Sir Thomas: Darsy a Member of Parliment for Maulden in Essex Dyed lately att his seat in that Countrey

I am well Informed that the Discent will be Made with 30000 ffoot & 4000 house & 2000 Dragoones

Dartmouth 19 yesterday Admirall Aylmer arived at St Hellens with his squadron Admirall Rook is still here with the streights ffleet waiteing only affaier wind to Carry him fforward

Its Said that Sir Thomas: Powis will be made Attorney Gennerall

Last Night the the Commission for Constituteing Duke Hamilton High Commissioner of Scotland was Signed - Yesternight the King: was pleased ex Gratia to Declare Sir Iohn Trenchard Secretary of State in the Room of the Lord Sidney and Sir Iohn was ordered to attend the Councill att Kensinton this afternoon in order to be Sworn His Maiestie has Declared Samuell [Theor] Esquire Surveyor Gennerall of England which place was formerly enioyed by Mr Harbord

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Circumstances suspected what work they were Employed in

23 March 92/3

To the honorable Sir Richard Newdigate baronet at Arbury near Coventry 4

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