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London the 30th of March 93


The Master Gunner of England-
& Captain Silver of Whitehall have orders-
from the King to hold adayly performance in
discharging of Cannon & Bombs on Black
=heath in order to perfect the Gunners and
Montresses in an Exact method Designed for the
Descent where those if are curioius in that Art
may vpon Applicacion bee received into that
service & tought the whole Art of Gunnery

Yesterday they began att Tower
wharfe to Ship off such Instruments of warr
designed for the Descent as will receive no
damage & the most prodigious preparacions
that ever were knowne in England are now
making for that service

The Lords of the Admiralty this week
sent order to Sir John Ashby not to suffer
any Interloper for India to putt to sea
And Yesterday the Owners Petitioned the King
about its alledging that they have 50000li-
Cargo on board & had his Maiesties Letters
Mart & none of the seamen to bee Impressed
but its beleived the Company will Influence
her being stopped

Yesterday morning the Lord Lex
=ington was sworne Gentleman of the Kings Bed

The 6 East India shipps fitted
out by the Company are now in the Hope
& had theire dispatchers sent them Yesterday & will
Saile with Expedicion

2000li per Annum vpon the Excise to bee paid to the said Keeper soe soone as hee shall bee
removed = The Turkey Merchants have advice from Constantinople that a great ffaction
rages in that Citty in favour of the Son of the Deceased Mahomett the 4th in soe much
that the Grand Signior dares not stirr from thence fearing a Revolt & should
there bee the least misconduct of Affaires the Populacey would make great Revolucions

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Lucio Alvarez

the Hope = Cape of Good Hope?