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to raise 2000 Irish for the service of
the Venetians and next week goes
for Ireland in order thereto

Last Satterday Night one Mrs
Dolleys house in Carter Lane was
Robbed of 300L Vallue in Lace
by the Contriuance of her servant
Maid who went off with the theives

Plimouth the 31 ultima This Day the
Elizabeth Captain Tudor Commander
Sailed hence for St Mallo with 300
Exchanged Prissoners on board The
English & Dutch fflets for Bilboa with
some Dutch Man of War are still

Yarmouth the 1st Instant
yesterday arived here an English Pink
from Holland who had been lately
taken by affrench: Man of War & the Master
Detained for aRansom

Portsmouth the 2d yesterday the
Crown and Adventure ffriggats Came
in here to be refitted- Sir George Rook
and Admirall Aylmer are still at Spithead
with 24 Men of War as are alsoe the streights
and Vurga ffleets but the Later is to saile
to Morrow the Men of war that is to Convoy
them being Gon to St Hellens-

beleived he will suddenly be Employed in some honorable Post His Maiestie
before his departure for Holland on Satterday visited the ffleet at the Barq
in the Nord Captain Iames Hamelton was last night taken into Custody
of a Messenger being Charged with Carrying on some Intrege against the
Government but has not yeat been Examined - Warrants are sent to take up 25 persons

Tis now Certain that the
Streights ffleet will not sail till
it be Known wether De Estre Ioyns
the Grand ffleet which if he does there
will be noe occation for our Men of
War to goe to the Addeterane for
that the Spanish Armado will be
Strong enough to Ride Masters in
those Parts

Mr Vernon under Secretary
to Sir Iohn Trenchard is ordered to
attend his Maiestie in fflanders and
Mr Bridgman is going for Ireland
with some Instructions to the Lord

Hamelton mencioned in
my Last is taken out of custody of a
Messenger and Committed to Newgate
but the Printer that was taken up and
Charged with printing divers Vorrated
Pampheletts found among the said
Hameltons Papers is Admitted to Bail

Collonel Huetson late Commander
of the ship Lyon who arived some
time since from the West Indies after a
long and fategueing Voyage tho'
aspersed with Carrying over his ship to
ffrance was on Satterday Last before
the Lords of the ...... Admiralty and
tho' some would fasten a Misconduct

on his proceeding yeat the Collonel to his Great applause proved himselfe a
Valliant & faithfull Commander produceing such testimonies under the hands
and seales of the Governors of the Assemblies of all the Leward Islands that he with his single
shipp of 50 Guns fought and beat awhole ffrench squadron Resined those
Islands in aManner out of the Enemies hands for which Good service its

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