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espetially these that will not take the Oathes to be
Dismissed - An Engine to break any Bom or
Chaine Cross a River was yesterday [Experienced]
to Effect . Benja Kellow who was tryed this
week at Medstone assizes for Robbery on the
Highway is acquitted - Just now wee received a
Holland Mail which tells us that the King of Poland
has received Advice that the Tartars in a Late excursion
have Carryed away 100000 Christian people into
slavery & killed severall thousand Children
They write from the Hague that the King of England
with the Duke- of Ormond Earl of Essex Heer
Overkirk Lord Dersley & severall other persons
of quality are arrived there

To the honorable Sir Richard: Newdigate
at Arbury 2
near Coventry

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Lucio Alvarez

Heer Overkirk - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_de_Nassau,_Lord_Overkirk