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came up with 15 of Merchants ships under
Convoy of aPrivateer of 10 Guns
she gott between them and shoar and
began to Chase them when the Plimouth
and York ffriggats came Down
with ffench Coullers and ffired
severall Guns at her but the
Enemy knewe her by her working
and made to the Rocks of Pivesell
where most of them ran on shoar

Weymouth the 8th- yesterday
came in to Portland Road the
Iohn and Richard Privateer who
on Munday retook off of the Isle of
Bass aVessell of Topsham of 70
Tuns Laden with Coales from Milford

Harwich the 8th aVessell is come
in here which saies that 3 ffrench: Privateers
have lately taken off of Oldfordness a
laden yatch and that severall other
Vessells were Rideing there but Cutt
Cables & gott Clear

Cowes the 8th an Ostend Pri
=vateer has brought in here affrench: Barque
bound for Bayone

Cutts The Lord Cutts besides the Government
of the Isle of Weight has 500li Per Annum
allowed him for a Table & tis said the old
deputy Governor will be continued as alsoe
Captain Clerk Commander of Cowes Castle

blowing up destroyed some people - Here is advice from Italy that the Duke: of Savoy
performing the usuall Ceremony in the Church at Easter has brought his ague upon
him again but yet is herty and Declares he will make this Campaign in person
Two ffrench: shipps have brought into Thoulone 7 English & Dutch prizes with 700 Livers on Board
They write from Gernsey that the Wiltshire ffrigat came in there on

Soe soon as the ffleet is come
to Spithead the Queen will goe to Portsmouth
to see the Men of War

On Tuesday her Maiestie goes to
Greenwich to see the House there that is
Makeing into a Hospitall for Seamen and

One of the Spies who has been
in most of the Marratime Towns in
ffrance: being affrench: Protestant is come in here
and has given the Secretary an account of the
posture of their sea Affaiers boothe at
Brest & elswhere & saies they begin to be
appreehensive of aDiscent from us
& have some forces draweing thitherwards
to guard their Coasts & adds that some of their
biggest Shipps at Brest & Rochford
are in great backwardness of being Manned
and Equipped but those of aLesser Rate
are Nigh Ready & aSquadron of 8 are put
to Sea and concludes that the Province
Squadron will continue in the Mediteranian
to watch the [tilorion] of the Spannish Armado
now at Naples & he Talks of some other
Matter which is kept aSecret

All the Iustices of the Peace
of Middlesex are expresly ordered upon Penalty
of looseing their Commissions to attend
this after noon on the Earl: of Bedford
being Custos Rottalonum of the said County
but I doe not yeat know the Occation
yesterdaies Gazett has given
the full account of all fforreign Affaiers

that has left Little to add more then that the Campaign is in amanner begun in fflanders
Soe that the next Post may in all probabillity give an account of the Enimies being Sate
down before some Town of Importance - Prince Lewis of Baden is come to
Hidleberg from whence he will press forward to Speak with the King in Holland
The Arsenall with out the Town of ffrankford lately took ffire & by accident

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Lucio Alvarez

Custos Rottalonum = custos rotulorum - (historical, UK except Scotland, Jamaica) The main justice of the peace in a given county.