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other ffleets should have LIberty to sailes soon
they might rest assured that the ?
sunk - ? is a ? advise that a
Instant that the homeward ?
will reside in the house by ? Pond built by the Late Serjt Trumpet ?
and some of the men of ? - This Week 60000li has been issued out of
that the ? of the ? of Middlesex that were to attend the castes
account of all ? & and to ? their horses and Arms - This being ?
? & to as many poor people as the King & Queen were years of age that ? being 43 the ? 31

the same Eavening an apothecaries
Wife out of the Citty coming to
Clare Market a town Spark would
have picked her up but the Gentlewoman
being too Civell he cryd out aWhore
upon which ^the Mob most barberously abused &
Punched her to that Degree that
she is since Dead & severall of the
Mobb are committed to Geole

Edenburg the 6 the Lords Ralling
Ross & 2 others are sworn of his Maiesties
Privy Councill a Proclamacion is
published here promising full Indemp
=nity to all Soldiers who have Disserted
their Maiesties service provided they return
to their Coullers in 2 Months time

One Mr Penshouse in
Hertfordshire was lately Robbed of
8000li in monney Plate &c

The Queen: has sent to the Interlopers
to stop their Voyage to the Indies but assured
them she would oblige the Company to
buy their Goods at a Market Price

The Merchants who attended the
Councill to get the Embargo taken
off their shipping were very tart in their
Expressions and required a Seperate
Convoy, but were tould respect must
he had to the benefit of the Kingdom
as well as to theirs in particuler
they might rest assured that the Turkey and
other ffleets should have Liberty to sail as soon
as it will be don with safety to the Kings Officers

that the Iustices of the Peace of Middlesex that were to attend the Custos
Rottulorum which they did & were ordered by the Earl of Bedford to take an
account of all Papists &c and to seiz their horses and Armes - This being Maunday
Thursday the Ceremony was performed in the Banqueting house of delivering Monney Cloth
ffish &c to as many poor people as the King & Queen were years of age the ffirst being 43 the Late 31

Here are private Letters from
Geneva which say that one of the ffrench
ffireships of Count De Estres Squadron
was forced in there by stress of wether &
Run among the Rocks & is since
Sunk - Here is alsoe advice that a
Conspiracy being discovered on board
the Spanish ffleet in Naples to
assist the ffrench: in burning the same - 6
persons have been executed on board
the Vice Admirall; one of them being aPreist
the same advice further saies that the
Berkley Castle in her way from Leghorn
lately met & fought a ffrench: Man of War
of 50 Guns who had boarded her but
she Cleared the Doks & Obleiged the [Mounsieur]
to bear off with Great Loss

They write from Portsmouth of the 11th
Instant that the homeward bound
Lisbon ffleet under Convoy of 2
Men of War sailed by that place to
the Eastward and that the Vurginia & West: India
ffleets are commanded not to sail
till further Order

My Last said that the Earl of
Bath had aDisposicion to Lay down his
Command but now I find it was only
to have a new Commission for Lord
Livtenant of the Counties of Cornwall and
Devon & Governor of the Cittidell of
Plimouth which before was coniunct with
his son the Lord Lansdown His Lordship
has bought the Rainger ship of St Iameses

Park of Madam Hardbord relict of the late Embasendor to Turkey and his Lord ship
will reside in the house by Rossamonds Pond built by the Late Serieant: Trumpet Price
Yesterday 50000li was Issued out of the Exchequer to pay off the yard at Portsmouth
and some of the men of War - this Week 60000li has been Issued out of
the Exchequer for the use of the Discent
My last Informed you

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Lucio Alvarez

Spark - a gallant, a foppish young man
Custos Rottulorum = custos rotulorum (historical, UK except Scotland, Jamaica) The main justice of the peace in a given county.

Lucio Alvarez

I'm not certain that 'Vurga' is 'Virginia', the person ahead of me did that, and it might be right.