L.c.2166: Newsletter received by Richard Newdigate, Arbury, 1693 April 18

Bifolium. Postmarked: AP/18.

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London Aprill 18th 1693


Paris the 13th. the Kings iourney to the Campaigne on the 14th the next month still holds, the March of the Musquetiers [Gem] d' Armes & light horse is to be on the 25th instant But the Guard du Corps & swisse goe not till the 10th of the next month for flanders where will be grand efforts this Campaigne the King declining an early seige to keepe his troups in heart being - resolved to fight the Enemy in full Battle both by sea & Land with intent to bring matters one way or another to a period.

The Earl. of Radnor since the death of Sir Iohn Cutler has sent to take possession of his Estate 'tis not yet knowne how the same is disposed of there being noe will produced as yet But Boulter his Kinsman has some papers of Consequence which are to be opened in the presence of 6 eminent Citicens & he has sent to the Earl to be present thereat

The Queene went yesterday to Hampton Court & returned in the Evening

The Lord Keeper tooke the sacrament on sunday at St Clement Danes the purse & mace being Carried up to the Altar.

which is too long to insert the substance was that he came there for the common good and would omit nothing that would conduce to their safety concerning with their Lordships and the rest of the Confederates to expell the enemy and in regard the succese of the war

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The Regiments of 20 companyes of Scotch Highlanders are raised with their broad swords & Targetts which are to be made use of in the Descent.

Some New orders came the last post from the King to the Office of Ordinance relateing to some matters about the Descent which are to be carryed on with the utmost application

Dartmouth the 14th severall transport ships are taken up here for the service of the Descent, the Russell Galley conti -nues here to impresse men for their Maiesties service

His Maiestie has given the Coate he had on when he was shot in the should -er at the Boyne to William Killegrew Esquire and is exposed to veiw by v Keepers of the Lyons in the Tower.

Wee heare the Yatches are to continue in holland till his Maiestie returnes to head the Descent

The Earle of Portland designes to set forward to morrow for holland & will be accompanied by severall of the Nobility

Admirall Allemond is come into the Downes with 10 Dutch men of War

and 3 Merchant Men, the Privateers were of the following force viz. one of 50 guns one of 44 one of 40 20 of 36 one of 32 one of 28 & 20 of 22 guns each. The King made aspeech to the Assembly of the states at the Hague onthe i9th instant.

from holland.

All the 2d rate men of Warr are ordered to saile the first oppertunity for spithed ... where they are to be payd of money being already Issued out of the Exchequer for that purpose.

The letters from paris further advise that the french. King has received a second expresse from Count d' Estre that all the men of Warr seperated in the late storme are come into Thoulon, and onely 4 small vessells missing, that the same storme had alsoe damaged Monsieur Blenoc'ke's shipping designed to Bombard Tripoly that the 100 Battallions that were to compose the Army in Ridemont are reduced to 60 which are to continue in Dauphine the other 40 being countermanded to Germany & flanders. That the King has setled a fund of 100000 Livers to fortify furnes but the french. are at worke at the Dismantleing of Dixmunde That the King finding too greate awant of a Port in the Channell has examined the proiect of makeing a harbour at [the hague] where tis said [...] whole Navy may ride & come there in al winds and the worke will begin this yeare as alsoe of building of Castles to service the Coasts

yesterday the Lords of the Admiralty had an Account from Corke in Ireland on the 4 inst that

divers English marriners new landed there who had brought Certifi -cates with them dated the 5 of March from Bilboa that they were taken by the ffrench & retaken by the Spaniards and had an Authentick list of the Casting away of 49 french privateers on the Bay of Biscay

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depended much upon the Issue of this Campaigne his Maiestie could expect his utmost endeavours to bring matters to agood conclusion.


14 4 2.16.0

To the honorable Sir Richard: Newdigate baronet near Coventry 4

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