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Lucio Alvarez at May 15, 2022 10:57 PM


will endow them with aRevenew of
30li Per annum each

The Citty Agreed to Lend the
Queen the 200000li which her Maiestie sent
yesterday to borrow of them upon the
Reveiw of the Poll bill

The Embargo is taken off all
Shipping except the Turkey & Streights

Sir Iohn Cutler is to Lye instate
before his Internment and there is such
a harmony between the Lord Radnor &
Mr Boulter the Executor that in all
Likelyhood they will Disapoint the Lawyers
of soe fatt a Cause

Wee have an account from Hull
[..armouth] &c that the Dutch ffactors Continue
to buy up Corn the which enhances the Price

Wee hear from Shrewsbury
that the Populacy haue been in an uproar
for 5 or 6 Daies upon an account: of .. buying
up of Corn for transportacion the Mayor
gott them supprest & Imprisoned Divers
and raised the Militia but they
being got to aGreater head repulsed
the Militia & restored the Captive bretheren
and the same was not appeased when
the Letters came away

The Merchants in the Citty have
an account from the West: Indies that 300 Buck
aneers have been aCruzeing on the Spannish
Coast and met with the Richest Shipps

that has been known in those Parts and Made them all prize which tis beleived will
aMount to 1500li aMan All things are now disposeing for the Randisvouz of our ffleet
which is to be on the 3d of Next Month - The first & 2d Rates at the Bouy of the Nore
have orders to take Pilates - I am Assured that the Queen about the 10 of next Month will goe
for Portsmouth to see the ffleet put to Sea I am well Assured wee shall have a