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Much estemed Honoured Sir
whose House is Famous and very
much to be estemed in All holey
writt: And in the Arts & Sciences
oft Learninge; boeth in Ethik
Logiq Metapheisuke:
And becaus I know know for well
& herefore I desire [ ]
[ ] -------[ ]-------- [ ]
It is A h[ ] [ ] A[ ]

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I have long bine thinking of
a generall view of my life;
and some hurrying thought's
or other, have caused mee to
desist often: I am now this
moneth, (Novemb: 30. 1634.)
of the age of 21. / so many
yeares I have; Bine. but I
have lived but few of them;
sure then ^now I am of age; what
if I count my yeares? / Lord,
teach mee to number my yeares
past, that I may apply my
heart to wisdoms, to holines
the few dayes, that are behind.

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