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But the lord who ment mee better
thinges kept my toung that speake
J could not for .. divell thu lon
restrained my toong, that tender: Ed kindled f
the lord, as long as I live.
After this many hanging up on good
tryings y law, a prayer y did
but pokedly (the lord frower) a
could not get of from my carnall
ease sometime, oferkills from my
pride; yea (shall y syeahe it) enity
horror y Doc. Yaros loate to contd
in to Befeut for my backsliding
curing (y know y named Doc) because
y thought it could finde for
growthe. I my body; whiy rided
my so rrow at Felster y A ufu
did; Oh the free love of god to
suy an Ayo Aar; feat so Rould or
willing to Aaw at to do Xtill he Bwww Eis Larbe; knocke
so long for mee. But of the
hellish heart that y caryed about
with moo yut; y prayed after this
but way unwilling feat got should
swore any prayer; Jindad pragr

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