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Novemb; 18.

I have not walked with that sense of gods love
(this day) as sometimes my god freely
hath granted to me, yet herein I
praise the lord, that I have peyt
my hold, and confidence which his sy:
hath wrought; the lord hath also
comforted me with many secret sia
culations, and lest my wofull flag=
ging heart, which to my sorrow fully
ness back, when by the wings of faith
and love Y would fly to me god of [galines]
oh when shall Y come [grace] and ay years =
where sin shall be no more, nor sor-
row no more; but I shall [enbath ]
my selfe in the torrent of my
fathers love; and shall praise him
[gofastly), whom Y (though weakly)
desires to praise [goane]

Y said, my god, my god, why hath thou
forsaken me! He had forsaken, yet
was this god; /the lord this day hath
closed his ears; unwilling to hear me,
yet on the [garden] God anguish, .. my
tations, unforwarding , un....ds me
[...] considerat; of he saw against, and
faith, which often has molted mee
yea in the whales belly of corrupt
it will lye downe ..... towards his

page II
I was almost cast down (with Heman)
all this day; my strength seemed to
faile mee, but tho lord failoth moo
more; I walked in Darbush tho for
now got of it; yet I th...

I fought with my bodye of death,
ans the devell; and the lord now in
prayen toward my going downe hath
comforted mee, and given more to me
[worshiping) upon this experience. I will
[trust) him yea call upon him as
long as I live.

The [many] ocasions I have made mee
unfit to pray; suffers, libertyes, [ cow=
=yamy] lawfull all; yet I gave sins too
effuse in laughter (which my good father
hath often told mee of) and lainish
on words of [moutens] lord, say [ts] on
as once to David, thy sin is put away
(side comment * 2.Ephes:21)
Quin ad que (Domine) sum pacs * edifying
tu cir meum (oh mirum) lapidzum ter-
reneum, et coniunxesti [duedxxxx?), il structu-
rd tvd: fac Domine vt exiberantia
hvius lapidis excindantor iemitus, ne
sum dedecovi aedificio tuo.

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