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To preserve oringe Peel for Tarts---Ditto

Cut them across, and take out all the inside, put them in salt &
water for 2 days, Then boil them till they are tender, and all the
bitterness is out, then cut them in thin strips, boil as much
Juice as the peel was, put the peel in the Syrup, and boil it
very well, then put the Juice of the Oringe in as much sugar
as your juice was, boil it altogether till the peel is clear-Let
them stand till they are cold-put them in your pot for use

To make Lemon Syllibub --- Ditto

Take a pint of cream, half a pint of Sack, a quarter of a pint
of white wine, one Lemon, Squeeze in the Juice in the wine
sweeten it to your taste, let it stand a quarter of an hour
and put the Creame to it Stiring it all the time. Then
froth it up with the whites of eggs
Note: indentation the whites of 2 Eggs flourish

Lemon Cheese Cakes -- Ditto

Take 8 Eggs leave out 4 of the whites, beat them well,
take 6 oz.s of Sugar beat in the juice, beat half a pound of sweet
Almonds, take the parings of one lemon, boil it till all the
bitterness is out, then beat it very fine, then put in your
Almonds and lemon peel, melt 3/4 of a pound of butter, mix-
Altogether and fill your Cheese Cakes-sift a little fine sugar
over them-A quarter of an hour will bake them in a -
quick Oven - N: 13: Orange Cheese Cakes are made
the same way-only Oringe peel in-stead of Lemon

To Burn Butter -Mrs Jones

Put two ounces of butter into a frying pan over a little
fire when it is melted dust in little flower and keep it
sirring till it is a little thick red brown,
Then thicken sauce instedd of Eggs.

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