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To make Cheese Cakes - Ditto

Take the curd of 4 quarts of new milk, and drain it from
the whey, beat it well in a Mortar - put to it the yolks of
6 Eggs, melt a quarter of a pound of butter, and a small handfull
of flour, beat it well together - Then butter and flour your
papers, and drop them on, half an hour in a quick Oven
will bake them. Be sure you beat them well - when
they are bak'd fill them up with Sack and Sugar

Cheese Cakes ----- Ditto --

Take the Curd of 2 gallons of milk well drain'd from the
whey - then beat them in a Mortar - take 2 quarts of
cream and boil it, and the yolks of 15 eggs beat well
the cream must boil before the eggs go in, and boil it
together till it comes to a tender curd - and when it is cold
put the cream and curd to the other curd - Then put -
in Mace and sugar to your taste and a pound of Currants
Stir them together - The cream and curds must be whey'd
you must take great care to put them gently in a Seive
as the whey may run out.

Almond Tarts --- Ditto
Take half a pound of Almonds beat fine with Oringe flower water
6 Eggs 3 whites half a pound of butter melted - sweeten it to your
taste. The crust is made the same as the Juice Cakes

Oringe Tarts - - - - Ditto

Take 4 oringes & Scrape off ale the outside peel, then take yolks of 3
egs & beat them and the peels together, and slice the oranges, and strain
the juice to the rest with a quarter of apound of Juiced Sugar, beat these
together for a quarter of an hour - Then put puff paste on the top
and Ice it - what you put it into must be a little bigger than
a pint

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