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To Roast a Calves Head --- Ditto...

Take a Caves head and split it and take out the brains and
tongue, then lard it, and spit it a cross, and as it roasts, shew
it with crumbs of bread, a little nutmeg, mace, and -
Sweet herbs, and when it is roasted frye the brains and
tongue in Egg, and serve it up with force meat Galls &
rich gravy sauce

To Hash a Calves Head - Ditto..

Takes a Calves head and par boil it - Then cut it in three
slices, and put to it a quart of white wine 5 or 6 anchovies
some thyme and winter savory minced small let it stew
a quarter of an hour, Then put into it half a pd. butter
just before you dish it up, put a blade of mace 3 or 4 -
cloves - put in the stewing of it take the Brains and
chop them small with some salt a little thyme grated
bread and some sage 3 yolks - Stir this together with -
butter fry it in butter, and serve it round the harsh with
some fry'd bacon

To make Congealed Meat to Eat Cold - Ditto.

Take a Calves head and par boil it - pick all the meat from
the bones, mince it small brains and all, season it with
sage sweet herbs - Jamaica pepper, Salt Cloves Mace and
Nutmeg and 3 or 4 Anchovies - Then cut a handfull of
Bacon like dice - put it in the bottom of the pot - Then
two handfulls of meat So do till all is in - It must be a
narrow pot - put a paste up it - Stop it close and bake it
with a batch of bread - when it is cold break the pott and send it up either whole or in slices - So you may do
Cow hearts line
Note: not sure if author means something else by harsh -- hash, possibly

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