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To make Wiggs ----- Ditto

Take 5 quarts of flour 1 pound 1/2 butter 2 Nutmegs, a little cloves
and mace one quart of cream and a quart of yeast, rub the
butter in the flour, and put the spice with a pound of
sugar - make your cream a little more than blood
warm, and put into the yeast - mix all together and
Set it to the fire half an hour to rise - Let the Oven
be a little hotter than for Manchant bread - A quarter
of an hour bakes them - wisk them over with the
white of an Egg.

To Pickle Oysters - Ditto

Take a Gallon of rock oysters, and save the liquor - Set them
on a gentle fire with 4 spoonfulls of Salt 10 pepper corns
20 cloves 2 large blades of mace, two races of ginger
sliced thin, and half a pint of vinegar - Take off the
Scum as it rises - Let it boil up twice and when
cold bottle them

To Pickle Walnutts - Ditto

Take the walnuts before they begin to be hard, and pare
them very nice, and put them into cold water as you do
them, then boil them in milk and water till they are
a little soft - Then put them in the thing you intend to
keep them in - boil some vinegar Mace cloves & Ginger
and when it is cold pour it upon the Walnutts - put some
Oyl over them

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