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To make Tincture of Rhubard.
Take the best Turkey Rhubard- an ounce & half Cardimums
seeds and saffron of each 2 drahms Liquorish Root half an ounce
put all these into a [qt] French Brandy- Let it stand 8 or 10 days
close Stoopped-Shak it once or twice a day. Then strain it off for lles
To make Stoughtons Elixir
Pare off the rinds of 6 sevil oranges very thin & put them in a quart line
bottle with an puree of Gentian scraped very & sliced and 6
penny-wrth of cochineal put to it a pint of the best Brandy
shake it togeather 2 or 3 times a day the furst day & then let it star
to Settle 2 days and clear it of into bottles for [llse].
Take a large tea spoonfull in a glass of wine in a morning and
at 4 in the afternoon or in a dish of Tea.

To make Elixer Proprietates

Take of myrrh 4 drams Aloes 4 drams Saffron 4 drams
infuse them in a pint of the best Brandy furst put in the saffron &
let it stand 12 hours then the myrrh [&] Aloes set it by the fire
3 or 4 days shaking it very often then strain it of Take
60 or 70 drops more or less in a little white wine in a morning
fasting for a week or 10 days togeather it is good for any
Illness in stomach or in the bowels it is the best of Physick
for Children.

A Custard Pudding

Take a pint of Cream or milk & mix with it 6 Eggs well beat-
2 spoonfull of flower half a nutmeg grated a little salt & sugar
to your taste butter a Cloath put it in to when the pot boils boil
it half an houre. melt butter & sugar for sauce.

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