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To make Ratafer puding
Take a quart of Cream boil it with 4 Laurel leaves then
then take them out & brake in half a pound butter Maple bisket
half a pound of buter some snik nutmeg & Salt. take it of the fire
cover it up when it all most cold put in 2 ounces of Almonds
blanched and beaton fine & the yolks of 5 Eggs mix all well
togeather & bake it in a moderate oven half an hour will
bake it scrape sugar on it as it goes into the oven

To make boild Custards

Take a pint of cream and put into it 2 ounces of Almonds
beten very fine with rose or orange- flower-water or a little
cream let them boil till the cream is a little thick-ned then
sweeten your Eggs & keep it stiring over the fire till it is as thick
as you would have it then put into it a little orange flower
water stir it well togeather & put it into Chiny Cups
you may make them without Almonds.

To make Rasberry wine.

Take four gallons of Rasberryes & put them in a Tub & then take
four gallons of water & boil it t10o hours and let it stand till tis
Bloodwarm then put it to the Rasberrys and stir them well
togeather and Let it stand twelve hours then stran it of & to
every Gallon of Liquor put three pounds of Loaf sugar & set it
over a Clear fire and let it Boyle till all the scum is taken of &
when It is Cold put it into a vesell Let it stand open a
fortnight and then stop it Close.

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