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To make a Tansey to Bake
Take 20 Eggs, but 8 whites beat the Eggs very well and strain
them into a quart of thick Cream one Nutmeg & 3 Naples
Biskets grated as much juice of Spinge with a sprig or two of
Tansey as will make it as green as grass sweeten it to your taste
Then buter yr dish very well and set it into an oven no hotter
then for custards watch it and as soon as it is don take it out of
yr oven & turn it into a pie plate scrape sugar and squeeze orn
upon it Garnish the dish with orange and lemon
and serve it up:

To mae an Harico
Tae a larg neck of mutton_cut of a pd of if scrag and make
some gravey of it_. Then cut some Chops off the middle part_
but leave 4 or 5 bones of it together_fry it in butter_ till brown^
take it out of the butter and put it into the gravey with onion some
with Cloves_peper and salt to your tast' & a bundle of sweet_
hearbs, fry some carrots & Turnips cut in dice flower them to
hely brown them. Let them be quite tender_ _ _ _ _

To make a Spermacity mixture for a Cough
Take 3 drachms of spermacite & pound it very fine in a marble
morar, Then take as much yolk of Egg as will mix it &bag, rub
it well together and put to ye sparmaceti and Egg Then take
half a pint of Spring water and mix with it by litte & little
till you have bat it all in - Thka a spoonfull or two often
you may put a little spirit of Lavender in it if ye person is low
spiried or if it seems to cold a little Treacle water:
Put to it 2 spoonfulls of syrup of Tolu and rub it with the Egg &
sparmacity which was forgot by mistake to be set down

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