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To make Cream Flummary.
Take a pint of cream, 3 spoonfulls of Rice flower very
fine ground or beat and sifted till it is small three ounces
of sugar and two ounces of Almonds beat, small, beat
with some spoonfulls of milk. for feer of oyling, the whites,
three Eggs beat, strain the Cream & Eggs to the almonds, and
set it on the fire, and stir it all one way till, it is thick and
smooth as a Custard-Then pour it into deep glases that
when tis cold it may turn out in piked shapes; blanch &
cut some almonds in slips to stick upon it.

Surf,eit water. Cos: Howard
Tak of Barm, Sage, Mint, Hylop, sweet-Marjoram-
Sundew, each a small handfull, Roman-Wormwood, Rue,
angelica agrimony. Belong each half a handfull; Cloves
half an ounce sugar & Raisons of the sun each a pound
Rosemary, Borage, & Red Rose-leaves each a handfull, snake-
root & pimpernel each an ounce, Coriander seeds an ounce,
Liquorish two ounces, Red Poppy leaves tw Gallons, Infuse-
them for twelves Days, stirring them every Day, in two
Gallons of Brandy, then press them oft and lett it stand
to settle, and Bottle it. for use

To make Frid Puddins Mrs Capps
Take half a pint of milk 3 Eggs 3 ounces of suet choped
small a litle salt and nutmeg a spoonfull or two of Reason
wine a litle Rose water mix it in a stiff bater put in as
many currants as sate you half a pint of Grated bread
sifted through a cours seve or cullender fry them in Lard
over a quick Fier-

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