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Mrs Baylis Tincture of Hierapicra for a quart
Take of the best alloes. one ounce two drams & 2 scruples
for one ounce & qarter of Virginia Snake root Ledonry
Galangall, the lesser Cardamans seeds, of each one dram
Cinamon & Saffron of each two scruples powder the alloes
bruse well the rest except the saffron & infuse all in half a
pint of Best Brandy for a few days then add a quart of whit
wine & let it stand a few days more then strain it off for use
and ten grains of Cochinele powderd & bruisd. let it stand
4 days on the Brady & 4 days after if wine is put to it before
tis straind or 5 days.
To make syrup of Poppys Mrs Baylis
Take a peck of Red Poppys when pud'd pour upon them
4 quarts of boyling water let it stand a night & a day yn
squees the popyes with your hand & two every pint of
liquer put 3 quaters of a pound of Lump Sugar when it boyl
scum it then put to it a quarter of an ounce of mace Do.
Ditto Cloves a little Cinnomon a little Ginger a little white
peper a nutmeg sliced 2 ounces of Reasons ston'd half an
ounce of Caraway saeeds tye the seeds in a bit of musling and
let all boyl to a thick syrupe when cold Take out the seeds
and Reasons put some spice in all the Bottles Cork it very
close it will keep 6 or 7 years. Take some it in Brandy.
It is good to make a person sleep or for a sick stomack.

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