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For a sore Throat Mrs Craven
Put 4 ounces of the Kidney fat of a Loyn of mutton in
a new glazed Earthen pipkin set it on the fire. well melted
bake it off and strain it of then put it back into the pipkin
and put to it 3 ounces of fresh buter when melted put to it
3 ounces Rosin when that is melted put on Ounce & half of
Bees-wax when that is melted put it into Galley potes
for use. if the Throat is very bad chage the plaster in 24
Hours if not let it remain on. Spred it upon Flannel
it will keep many years
Raison Wine Mr Furzer
Take a 30 Gallon Cask and put there 1 Cwt. of Smyrna
Raisons pour thereon 20 Gallons of Water, and stir it
well every Day for 3 weeks then put in a wooden Bung
leaving the vent hole open for a fortnight, then stop it
down close and let it stand 7 Weeks then peg it and if
fine Bottle it off - if not fine pour it off into another Cask
and fire in down let it stand a week and then Bottle it
After the Wine is made you may distil a very good
Brandy line
Powder of Accorns good for the Ditto
rheumatism, windy humours and Gravel
Gather your Accorns when thorough ripe, on a fine day,
when throrough dried break them the size of a coffe Berry and
grind them to powder - A table spoonfull thereof for a strong
grown person and so in proportion for a weaker person
Take in 3 times, in a a morning at your Breakfast, an hour before
dinner and when you go to Bed, in any Liquor you like
best - if not cured take in 3 times more

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