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Brandy, till the Cherries are covered. then tie
the jar down with a Bladder and Leather. line

To make a Rice Cake Mrs. Williams from Winterborn
Take mix of Flour 6 ozs Ground Rice 3/4 Lb Sugar
9 Eggs. Carryways and sweetmeats as you like.
Beat it for an hour. - Three quarters of an hour will
bake it. line

To make an Yeast Cake [NaniCopps]
Take 2 lb. 1/2 of Flour, 3 lb. Currants, 10 Eggs, 6 ozs. of
Sugar 1/2 lb. Butter, 1/2 a pint of Cream, Spice and a
pint of Yeast. line

To make Elder Wine. Mrs. Harbidge

Get your berries dry and pick them Then put them to your
water - To a gallon of water three quarts of berries - boil
your water and berries together. till you think they
are done - then strain them thro' a seive- let the
wine stand till the next day- Then boil your
liquor and spice together To a gallon of wine
two pounds of sugar- some Cloves- Cinnamon
and mace or what you like

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