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Bleanmonge- Cos: Howard

Take an oz & 1/2 Isinge glass boil it in a quart of
milk- with 2 or 3 laurel leaves- Sweeten it to your
tastes- put a little orange flower water to it

To make Ham .. Mrs. Cappo

Cut your ham's Westphalia fashion to every
ham put 2 oz. brown sugar. 4 oz. salt petre-
beat small mix it with comon salt with as much
as will keep it seet in a [vessell] as will hold-
pickle enough to cover them - The next day put
to each ham a pint and an half of vinegar, and
as much pump water as will cover them - Turn
them every day for a fortnight- hang them in the
Chimney were wood is burn'd- make your pickle-
Strong with salt

Custard Pudding - Mrs. Ditto

Take 6 eggs. leave out two whites - beat them well
Sugar to your tastes, a little flour, and nutmeg 2
Spoonfull of roses water - a pint of cream - mix it
together, boil it one hour - melted butter, a little sack
and sugar for sauce.

Note: Note: in "To make a Ham" there are insertion marks above the periods that come after Ham. and oz.

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